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It's the Flow Rate

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What is the term used for how fast a fluid runs?

Rheology .

How fast a fluid runs is called?

Viscosity is the term.

How fast can waves travel?

As fast as your momma runs. Not very fast!

How fast does the yangzi river runs?

How fast it runs depends on its width and depth and time of year.

What parts of speech is runs fast?

Runs is a verb (3rd person singular), and fast is an adverb.

How fast can a javelina gallop?

Do javelinas runs fast?

Does a fast moving fluid exert less pressure than a slower moving fluid?


How fast does shadow run?

shadow runs as fast as sonic

What does the fluid do from fast mart wimpy wonderland?

The fluid ,from fast mart wimpy wonder land, unfreezes the snow trucks windshield so that it can scoop up the snow.

Do lighters come ready to use Do lighters at the counter come with fluid in them or do you have to fill them yourself?

They have fluid in them, you do not have to fill them with fluid yourself. Only when the lighter runs out of fluid.

How do you lose fluid weight fast?

Eat less sodium.

Is the Cerebrospinal Fluid produced twice as fast as it is removed?

no. that is incorrect.

How did the roadrunner get it name?

it runs fast

What animal runs fast?

A Cheetah.

Can you use he runs fastly?

No. Say "He runs quickly" or "He is a fast runner."

How can you fix it if your gba emulator runs really fast?

Go into options/frame skip/throttle and you can modify how fast the GBA runs

How do you check transmission fluid on a Chevy S10 5 speed manual tranny?

There is a plug on the side of the tranny. take it out. If fluid runs out, put the plug back in the hole and get on with life. If no fluid runs out, check your manual for what transmission fluid to use. Fill it till it runs out at the plug a bit. Be sure to use the transmission fluid recommended for Chevy S10 5 speed manual transmissions.

When should you change the windshield wiper fluid?

When it runs out!

What fluid runs throw the circulatory system?

The Blood.

Measuring viscosity of fluid?

With a viscometer. There are several types. Essentially, they measure how fast fluid moves through a controlled passage.

What is the green fluid leaking from front of my car?

Anti freeze. You need to get that fixed. and fast. Check your coolant fluid levels.

What do you call machines that use fluid to transmit and increase force?

A machine that runs of of fluid is called a hydraulic.

What is fluid gradient?

Usually a fluid gradient refers to the pressure gradient in any kind of fluid. It is a quantity that shows which direction and how fast the pressure changes around a location.

What animal is aerodyamic?

Fast birds. Fast fish could also be considered sort of aerodynamic for a different fluid I guess.

What has black spots and runs fast?


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