Deforestation and Habitat Loss

How fast are the rainforests being cut down?

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Three football fields a second

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Why are the rainforests being cut down?

because it is

How Rainforests are being destroyed?

u get a chainsaw and cut it down retard

Why are monkeys indangered?

because the rainforests are being cut down for paper

Why are the rainforests in south America being cut down?

the rainforests are bing cut down becasue the wood is used to buil new settelments for the businesses that are rising in South America.

How many acres of rainforests are being cut down per minute?


How many rainforests have been cut down?

6 rainforests have been cut down in the past 3000000 years

How many rainforests are being cut down each year in Canada?

Their are no rain forests in Canada. So no rain forest trees to cut down.

What is the primary source of oxygen?

Plants: they take in CO2 during photosynthesis and give off oxygen. The rainforests are a major help, but are being cut down at very fast rates.

Why are rainforest being cut down?

There are a number of reasons the rainforests are being cut down. Both timber farming, and to claim more farming/arable land are the main two motivations.

Where are rainforest being cut down?

IN Amagun, Praries, Savannah, All Rainforests are being cut because they offer lot of land to people and also they uncountable privilleges.

Who cuts down rainforests and why?

People who cut down rainforests are mostly loggers and construction workers. Loggers, as the name suggests, sell timber for a living. Thus, they have to cut down trees from the rainforest to support their business. Construction workers cut down rainforests to clear land for construction of buildings.

Who is detroying the rainforests?

te companies that cut down trees are detroying then rainforests to make things with them .

Why are rainforest are being cut down?

The rainforests are being cut down for two main reasons. First, to make room for farms and ranches. Second, to build houses. In short, because there are too many people on this planet.

How do rainforests get cut down?

Lots of things can result to the destruction of Rainforests. One of the main reason of deforestation is illegal logging. The wood that is cut down can possibly be bought anywhere!!

How fast is the rainforest being cut down?

one research found out that about 1 1/2 acres are being destroyed or cut down every second

What part if any have these people played in the deforestation of the tropical rainforests?

People cut down rainforests for timber.

How do rainforests die?

people cut them down or burn them for wood

Why are rainforest animals being killed?

Rainforests are a great habitat for wild life. With the increase of globalization and trees being cut down for loggin, the animals in these areas are being killed.

Who are people who cut down rainforests called?

One name for them is loggers.

What is happening to the rainforests of Brazil?

Deforestation. The trees are getting cut down.

What are making sloths endangered?

Sloths are endangerd because they are losing their habitats. Rainforests are getting cut down, and the sloths' homes are being destroyed.

How many trees are cut down each year in rainforests?

around 400,000

How can rainforests be protected from deforestation?

don't litter and don't cut down the trees

Why do we need to cut down the amazon rainforests?

cos its sh1t and spoils the view

What are two ways that the rainforests are being threatened?

Well first of all the trees are being cut down and the water is being taken out of the forest and then the plants don't have any water that they need to survive