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20 mph is the max speed of a bumble bee.

The average speed is 15 mph

I would say under 10 mph.

I don't know where the answer above came from, but I can tell you that I was just out riding my bike in no wind and had a bumble bee in FRONT of me for about 20 yards while I was going 27 mph. I would say they could go close to 30 for short distances in good conditions.

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How heavy is a bumble bee?

not to heavy to fly.

Is a bumble bee a night or day bug?

Bumble bees fly in daylight. They don't fly in the dark.

What is the speed for the bumble bee?

Both the bumble bee and the honey bee can fly at an average speed of about 15 mph (24 kph). Both the bumble bee and the honey bee can fly to an average speed of 24 kilometres per hour which is 15 miles per hour.

Why do they call a bee a bumble bee?

i think because they hum while they fly

What do you get when you cross a fast dog with a bumblebee?

a fast bumble bee, i guess....

How many feet can a bumble bee fly?

as many as it wishes

Is a honey bee or bumble bee larger?

Bumble bee.

What is a Black and yellow striped big fly?

A bumble bee of course!

How high can a bumble bee fly?

well...they sometimes fly over the Himalaya Mountains when they migrate...

What bug looks like a dragonfly and bumble bee?

what insect look like a dragon fly and a bee

Is a bumble bee a bird?

No, a bumble bee is an insect.

Who is bumble bee in the Simpsons?

Bumble bee is a camaro

Difference between bumble bee and honey bee?

a bumble bee is fuzzy

What is the hink pink for a bashful insect?

Humble bumble...bee? Shy fly.

How is a honey bee different from a bumble bee?

the honey bee makes honey the bumble bee does not

Is bumble bee an insect?

Yes, all insects have six legs and most fly. A bee is definitely an insect.

What type of animal is bumble bee?

A bumble bee is an insect.

What family is a bumble bee?

The bumble fee is in the Apidae family. The order of the bumble bee is Hymenoptera.

What is a bumble bee?

A bumble bee is a large hairy bee that makes a loud humming noise. The Bumble bee lives in small colonies in underground holes.

Which animal cannot fly Bumble Bee Bat Flying Squirrel?

Flying squirrels actually glide not fly

What can kill a bumble bee?

Almost anything can kill a bumble bee.

Where is tuna made from bumble bee?

tuna is not made from bumble bee

What is a bumble bee hummingbird?

it is a hmmingbird that looks like a bumble bee

How do you destroy a bumble bee hive?

You don't destroy a bumble bee hive!

When was Bumble Bee Foods created?

Bumble Bee Foods was created in 1910.

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