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How fast can a parrot fly?

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It depends on the species of parrot, there are many kinds.

Smaller species can fly at an average of 40 miles per hour. While larger (therefore heavier) species can fly at an average of 30 miles per hour.

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Casea Butcher

2021-04-19 18:19:23


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How fast can a red crowned parrot fly?


How fast can feral parrot fly?


What is the speed a parrot can fly?

very fast

How much fly can parrot?

many fly can parrot.

How fast does a parrot fly?

Cruise Speed (75% Power) (True airspeed), 115, Mph,

How fast is a parrot?

It depends what type of parrot dick. :)

How high can a parrot fly up to?

The average full grown parrot can fly approximately 765 ft high.

How fast can parrots fly?

It would depend on the type of parrot. The highest figure I've seen cited for any parrot is about 60 mph, but most are more like 30-40 mph in level flight... :)

Can a parrot hover?

No, Parrots can fly but not hover.

Is there a parrot that can't fly?

Yes, the Kakapo, a New Zealand parrot can't fly. Click on 'related links' below to see a picture of a Kakapo

Could a parrot fly if it did not have muscle cells Explain?

The parrot could not fly without muscle cells because they have different types of muscles than we do.

What is an owl parrot?

The owl parrot can't fly, and builds its nest under tree roots.

Can a parrot fly if the feathers get wet?

it can fly but not as well because of the extra weight.

How is a kite similar to a parrot?

They both fly...dur

How much can fly parrot?

not enough for you to learn english

Why does a parrot belong in the bird family?

because it can fly

What are the similar between a peacock and a parrot?

both can fly

How fast does a parrot move?

69 MPH

How fast can a fly fly?

a fly can fly as fast as a Honda srx (95km) in perfect conditions

How fast can a dragon fly fly?

Really fast.

How fast do parrots fly?

they can fly really fast!

How fast does the robin fly?

they can fly as fast as a chickadee

How fast does a partridge fly?

how fast can a patridge fly

How fast do albatross fly?

I think they can fly pretty fast.

What two animals that can fly and name them?

black robin ,parrot