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Pigeons have been calculated to fly at 58.7 miles per hour, although the average speed is 30 mph.

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In October 1918, carrier pigeon "Cher Ami" flew 40km (25 miles) in 25 minutes. That's 60 miles per hour. Cher Ami carried a critical message to U.S. Division Headquarters near the Argonne Forest in France from the Lost Battalion who were surrounded by German forces. Most amazingly, he flew while critically wounded. He had received a direct hit from German bullets at the start of his flight, and arrived with a hole in his breastbone the size of a quarter, and the dangling remains of one leg with message still attached. 194 Soldiers remaining of the original 500 in this batallion were rescued and German forces driven back because of that message. Cher Ami was awarded one of France's most honored medals, the Croix de Guerre, for his actions that day. His body rests in a place of honor at the Smithsonian. The story can be found at the related link below.

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Q: How fast can a pigeon fly?
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