How fast can a submarine go?

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USA. nuclear powered submarines can go faster than 25 knots (nautical miles per hour) underwater.
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How deep will a modern submarine go?

The Los Angeles class submarine has an operating depth of "greaterthan 800 feet" according to official releases. It doubtless goes abit deeper. Some Russian boats, with their super tough titaniumhulls (as opposed to the steel hulls of the US Navy boats and otherRussian boats) can go deeper. How much ( Full Answer )

Can submarines go from New York to Chicago?

Yes they can. They would follow the same route freighters use. But they would run on the surface. It would be far to dangerous for a submarine to make the trip submerged.

What is a submarine?

Generally, a submarine is a vehicle that is capable of operating independently under water. We usually think of them as being a manned vessel able to go to sea for an "extended" period of time and operate over a "large" range. The submersible is like an exploration submarine that has a "down time" o ( Full Answer )

Can you go on a submarine if you are pregnant?

There's no reason you should not be able to. Most submarines are pressurized in a manner similar to airplanes. Obviously, if you are expecting soon, being on a submarine makes it slightly more difficult to get medical care.

How fast can a submarine travel?

As of 2014, a submarine can travel between 49 and 52 miles perhour. The exact speed depends on the make of the sub and whether itis traveling on the surface or under water.

How fast does a submarine travel?

The modern military submarines usually cruise around slowly to avoid detection and to hunt other submarines or perform other activities. But some, like the Los Angeles class boats, can top 33 knots. Top speeds are classified, as you can well imagine.

How fast do go carts go?

\n . the speed of a kart relies on its motor, set up with the kart, and most importantly the driver. . How ever fast it was to go plus adding nitrous and sick tires helps too! I prefer a high class jet engine for mine but it's up to you 250cc Superkarts have been clocked at 156 mph by the Daytona ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of a submarine?

To enter or exit (or escape from) a submarine you must locate a hatch in the pressure hull. There is usually a hatch near the bow, the stern, and amidships, and each is set atop a feature called an escape trunk. The escape trunk is a small "compartment" with an inner hatch, and it is set up to provi ( Full Answer )

How deep can a nuclear submarine go?

It varies by the type of submarine. United States, Russia, United Kingdom, China, France, and India are examples of nations who have or are assumed to have nuclear submarine capabilities. For security purposes, governments don't give out full specifications on their weapons of war, especially on ( Full Answer )

How do fast cars go fast?

A long-stretched transmission, and an engine that can power it til the end, along with aerodynamics to enable it to run at high speeds.

Is 20 knots fast for a submarine in world war 2?

On the surface, twenty knots is a very good speed (maybe a little too good) for a World War 2 sub. Submerged, speed fell off considerably because the hulls were not streamlined as they were after the war. Only Germany toward the end of the war developed submarines with streamlined hulls which made t ( Full Answer )

How a slow can a submarine go?

It can be stationary. The real answer? infinite slowness . well back when i was in nam....... honky ha ha

How fast does a go kart go?

It depends on the type of kart - from 50 kmph for rent-a-karts to over 200 kmph for professional Superkarts.

To what depth can submarines go?

WWII US Gato class subs could exceed 400 feet. ANS 2 - Some modern submarines can dive to at least 1,500 feet, some possibly even 2,000. -The Navies involved will never admit it

Why does submarines doesn't go beyond or mach1?

water is 800 times denser than air, no figure power requirements, directly proportional to velocity power equals speed- in this case true,. The design requirements wash out, so to speak. Theoretically atomic subs could go a lot faster than surface ships but anything like mach speed ( 760 MPh at sea ( Full Answer )

Jobs in a us navy fast attack submarine?

You will find most of the same jobs as any other ship. There is special training for the different equipment and the weapons used. Most destroyers carry torpedoes like the submarines. The propulsion is the same as the many nuclear powered surface ships. You won't find gunner's mates on board.

How fast are you going?

You, and the earth you're standing on, are hurtling at 100,000kilometres an hour around the sun. That's 62,000 miles an hour!

Why submarines cant go deep?

All submarines have specific design limits based on their overall hull construction material and shape. In general, the smaller, more compact, and spherical a submarine is, the deeper it can go, but that's not always the case. Hull material is a big factor as well. Most submarines today are built wi ( Full Answer )

Do you have to train to go in a submarine?

of course! they don't let any old schlub on a nuclear powered several billion dollar silent killer of the deep. all submariners (except the nuclear department, they get enough training as it is) go to sub school after boot camp where you will learn about the different departments of the boat and tra ( Full Answer )

How fast can nuclear submarines go?

The fastest known nuclear submarine to date was the Russian ALFA class (NATO reporting name) submarine. Its design featured a lead-bismuth cooled reactor, enabling the reactor to be much smaller and powerful, making the boat design more streamlined and capable of reaching higher speeds. Its top sust ( Full Answer )

How do you make a submarine you can go underwater with?

It's cheaper (and safer) to buy a personal submarine rather than try to construct a working one. There are actually a lot of them on the market. The problem isn't getting a submarine to sink - that's the easy part. It's getting it to the surface again, along with viable air and propulsion that mo ( Full Answer )

Can woman go in submarines?

Women have been riding submarines for many decades; however, until the current U.S. Administration changed policy, women have not been allowed to serve aboard submarines for a variety of reasons, but in general since it's hazardous duty and has safety hazards that affect women more than men. Whil ( Full Answer )

How do you know a submarine is going to surface?

In most cases you won't - there isn't any visual warning, and unless thermal layers near the surface prevent the submarine's Sonar crew from hearing a close-aboard contact, a submarine already knows which surface contacts are around and is already tracking them while at Periscope Depth, which is the ( Full Answer )

Where does nuclear waste go from a nuclear submarine?

In the United States, when a nuclear submarine has "run out of"nuclear fuel for its reactor (this takes many years), the reactormay be opened, and the spent fuel sent for reprocessing at theNaval Reactors facility at the Idaho National Laboratory. Thereactor's core may then be refueled. This process ( Full Answer )

Where do team aqua go after they steal the submarine?

go south of mossdeep to route 127 and make sure your east of sootpolis and look for a dive spot then swim around underwater until you find a cave. enter it then resurface. Hope it helped

How fast can a nuclear submarine submerge?

It depends on the size of the boat and the type of water it's in (saltwater is more buoyant than fresh), but in most cases the average time is less than a minute from popping the corks on the Main Ballast Tanks to the time the Sail clears the waterline. The pictures you see of today's modern submari ( Full Answer )

How fast do the go-kart go?

anywhere from 35 mph to 110 depending on the gear ratio and the horsepower and the max rpm of the engine

How long can a nuclear submarine go?

A submarine, theoretically, can go as long as the food for its sailors last. A submarine can make oxygen, distill water, remove CO2 and other pollutants, and provide almost anything needed to survive at sea and underwater for nearly an indefinite period of time. Modern nuclear-powered submarines' re ( Full Answer )

How do you go on the submarine on cryptids island?

Since no one is manning the ticket booth, you have to win your tickets (rowboat and submarine) playing darts in the Pub. The first time you visit the island, you get a camera for helping a driver. Then at the Pub, you get matches and a rowboat ticket -- the rowboat operator leads you to photo site t ( Full Answer )

Where do you go in the submarine on Cryptids island?

Dive to the bottom, then go left slowly to get a photo. Since no one is manning the ticket booth, you have to win your tickets (rowboat and submarine) playing darts in the Pub. The first time you visit Loch Ness, you get a camera for helping a driver. Then at the Pub, you get a rowboat ticket by ( Full Answer )

How do you go in the submarine in loch ness poptropica?

You need to get the submarine ticket from one of the guys in the pub. You need to verse one of them to a game of darts. (this is the second game of darts) You can only get the submarine ticket after going to the Mews Museum.

How do submarines go forward?

Most submarines have propellers that spin, pushing them forward. A few smaller research submarines use a water jet for propulsion.

How deep can a pleasure submarine go?

The larger tourist submarines have an operating depth of 100m (330'), smaller ones around 10m (33', or one atmosphere). It's important to keep in mind that while the deeper depths is modest for a submarine, the reality is that at depths below 100-200', low light visibility and the decrease in aqu ( Full Answer )

How do you get into the submarine?

Through an air and water tight door called a hatch. These hatches are typically thick, round and rounded metal to withstand the sea water pressure at depth.

Do people go in submarines for fun?

Yes definitely. Maybe not military class submarines but there are many public submarine tours that take you under the water to see shipwrecks, sea life etc

How many people can go in a submarine?

Depending on the size of the submarine and whether it is peace or wartime. . U-Boat. 27 -> 57 . Non Nuclear ~ 40 . Nuclear ~ 80 (more in wartime)

Where do people go to the bathroom on a submarine?

On military vessels, the bathroom is called "the head". It isusually a tiny room large enough for one person and only with atoilet and sink. The shower is a separate tiny cell.

What are submarines?

Submarine - A ship designed to travel underwater used for exploration and warfare. Submarine - A sandwich that is shaped like the submarine ship, also known as a grinder or hoagie.

Why does submarines have to go under water?

Submarines are built with a special design that allows them to be faster underwater. Submarines can be used during a war as a way to sneak up to enemy lines in the water, but still stay hidden.

Can a submarine go under the US?

Submarines can operate under water, but not under land. The US is anation on land, and submarines cannot operate under it.

Can a submarine go to the bottom of the sea?

Define "submarine" and "bottom of the sea". Submarines are designed for a particular pressure/depth. Thedesigners also incorporate a margin of error, so the actual depthat which the submarine would be crushed by external pressure("crush depth") is generally marginally greater than its "designdepth" ( Full Answer )