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How fast can an Albatross fly?

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How fast is an albatross

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How fast do albatross fly?

I think they can fly pretty fast.

How does an albatross fly?

yu idiots they fly with their freakin wings dumasses...!!

Which is the odd one out emu ostrich albatross?

Out of the listed birds, the only one that can fly is the albatross.

How do albatross fly?

they do it by flapping their wings and gliding

What bird can fly and sleep at the same time?

The Albatross and the Swift both sleep while flying.Albatross

Is albatrosses can fly faster then buzzards?

i think an albatross can fly faster than a buzzaed

How far do albatross fly?

They can fly fom Antarctica to Brazil within 500 miles. They fly to Brazil in search of squid for their young.

What can a wandering albatross do?

fly faster than any other bird.

How long can an albatross fly for without stopping?

An Albatross can fly for a year without stopping. The Albatross has the largest wingspan of any bird. because of its huge wings, the albatross can glide for months on ocean winds without landing. This giant bird soars through the air at about 25 miles per hour (40kph). It can even sleep while flying

What do sailors believe about the albatross?

Because albatrosses depend on the wind to fly and sailors depend on the wind to sail, the albatross became a good omen to sailors. The albatross features in a poem about what happened to a sailor when he killed an albatross. The poem is called 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'.

Things that fly that starts with the letter a?

· Albatross · Andean Condor · Australian Pelican

How fast can a fly fly?

a fly can fly as fast as a Honda srx (95km) in perfect conditions

How fast do parrots fly?

they can fly really fast!

How fast does the robin fly?

they can fly as fast as a chickadee

How fast does a partridge fly?

how fast can a patridge fly

What is the wingspan of an albatross?

The maximum wingspan of the "Great Albatross" (genus Diomedea) is about 11 feet (3.3 m) from tip to tip. These large wings allow the albatross to fly long distances between isolated islands in their ocean habitats.

What is the largest bird that can fly?

The largest flying bird is the wandering albatross with a wingspan of 12ft.

Can a bird fly across the ocean?

Yes. The Wandering Albatross can fly for thousands of miles. I think this is true of the Arctic Tern too....

How fast can a bobwhite quail fly?

bobwhites can fly quite fast but I am not exactly sure of how fast

How Waved Albatross adapted?

Adaptations of the waved albatross include large beaks to be able to get food out of the water. They also have large wings so they are able to fly very well.

How does a albatross move?

an albaytroos move by farting actually they dont*points to above answer*.... they can walk and they can fly ^^

What bird can fly while sleeping?

An Albatross apparently dozes while cruisig at 25 mph.

How do hummingbirds fly so fast?

humming birds fly so fast because they are so fast

How fast do the owls fly?

Owls aren't that fast they fly about 40 M.P.H

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