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Q: How fast can orang-utans run?
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Do orangutans make babys fast?

no. they also do not recover fast

What will a orangutans do if they run out of food?

they will sadly die , and ...

What is the main predators to orangutans?

i think the main predator to otrangutans is a jaguar as they are fast and powerful

How fast can Rottweilers run?

its not how fast the rottweiler can run its how fast you can run !

How fast can baboons run?

as fast as you want them to run

How fast do woodchuck run?

How fast can a woodchuck run

Do orangutans adopt baby orangutans?


What is a group of orangutans called?

A group of orangutans is called a "charming" or a "band."

Are the female orangutans called orangutans?

Both female and male orangutans are called the same.

What helps you run fast?

water helps you to run fast

How fast can human child run?

as fast as that child can run! ;]

How fast do nyalas run?

they run really fast. In fact they run 50 MPH!