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How fast can the human eye blink?

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It takes about 150 milliseconds for a single reflex blink.

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How fast does the human eye blink?


How fast and often does the human eye blink?

0.33 seconds

How fast do eyelashes grow back?

In the blink of an eye

Meaning of phrase in a blink of an eye?

Fast speed/quickly.

What is the meaning off idiom in a wink of an eye?

Something that can happen really fast or in the "blink of an eye"

Is the blink of the human eye faster than the speed of light?


How fast can octopus change color?

It can change its colour in a blink of an eye

What makes a person blink more or less?

The wind, because if it is strong it'll dry out your eye fast and you'll have to blink.

How many times do the Human eye blink per year?

Humans blink over 10,000,000 times a year!

How fast is blink of an eye?

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How many times can the human eye blink in a second?

It would be impossible for a human to blink 5 or more times in one second so the correct answer is once

Which is correct in the blink of an eye or in a blink of an eye?

Blink of eye is between 100 - 400 msec accordance to It is 0.1 - to 0.4 of seconds.

How fast is the Internet?

Really fast, just depends on your connection to it. The internet's speed is literally taking you round the world in the blink of an eye.

Who sings the song i am the eye i go blink blink?

Psalty Sing-a-longs

How fast is a praying mantis?

a praying mantis can be quite fast. they have a short outburst of speed to escape predotors and when they strike for food they move twice as fast as a blink of an eye.

Why Hamsters blink one eye?

because they only hav the ability to blink one eye.

How many times does a human eye blink in one minute?

the average amount of blinks per minute for a human eye is 25 It depends on the person and the situation. We need to blink a few times a minute, much less than we typically do. Blinking is more frequent when nervous.

Can the human eye estimate speed?

Human eye cannot estimate speed because planes are too fast for an eye to estimate speed.

Why do you have to blink your eyes?

you must blink your eyes so water in your eye will come and keep the eye from drying

What is a blink of the eye?

a wink

What are the ratings and certificates for Blink of an Eye - 1999?

Blink of an Eye - 1999 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

Does a Cyclops Wink or Blink?

blink because they have got one eye

How fast can a chameleon change colour?

well if it goes in the frount or back it will change its color so it can change faster then a blink of an eye

Do cats and dogs blink with one eye?

Cats and dogs blink with both eyes, though sometimes if they wanted to for any reason they can blink with one eye only and leave the other eye open, which is called a wink.

Why do women blink more than men?

because women have more active lives and when you out in the cold or even in your house the strength of the draft/wind rushes into your eye and makes you blink you blink to re-moisturise your eye a layer lens over you eye and if it gets too dry you blink and that means that your eye needed moisture!