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Q: How fast can the winds around a funnel move?
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How does the funnel web spider move?

the move fast

How fast can a tornadoes winds move?

Tornadoes can have winds over 300 mph. Tornadoes this strong are extremely rare though.

How fast does a level 5 hurricane travel?

The categorization of hurricanes is not based on how fast they travel, but on how fast the sustained winds within a hurricane move at their fastest. A category 5 hurricane has winds of 156 mph or greater.

Do electrons move slow or fast around the nucleus?

Electrons do not move fast.

What helps water move around the earth?

Winds, gravity, plates.

How fast does an tornado wind move?

Most tornadoes have winds in the range of about 65-85 mph. The most damaging tornadoes usually have winds over 165 mph. On rare occasions winds can exceed 300 mph.

How fast does a tornado travel and how fast is the wind in a tornado?

Both of these values are highly variable. Tornadoes can be stationary or move at over 70 mph. A typical speed would be around 35 mph.Most tornadoes produce winds of less than 110 mph and winds may be as low as 60 mph. However in extreme cases, winds in a small portion of an exceptionally violent tornado may exceed 300 mph.

How much do Medical Office Administration make?

around 25000 a year but you move up fast around 25000 a year but you move up fast

What clock direction do anticlonic winds move in the southern hemishphere?

Anticyclonic winds - those circulating around an area of high pressure - move counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere, clockwise in the northern hemisphere.

Is a tornado rapid?

Tornadoes produce very fast winds, but they do not necessarily move quickly. Some tornadoes may move at over 60 mph, while others barely move at all.

Does a stingray move fast or slow?

Like most animals, a stingray can move either way. It will move slowly when it is feeding or just swimming around, and it will move fast if it is in danger.

What winds move west to east?

West winds.