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Wind speeds on Jupiter can reach 150 miles per hour.

Actually according to NASA, winds can reach up to 384 miles per hour! Almost double our highest hurricane speed here on earth!

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Is there evidence of wind on the planet of Jupiter?

There is evidence of wind on the planet Jupiter. Winds can reach speeds of 100 meters per second, or 360 kilometers per hour.

How fast is Jupiter's hurricane wind speeds?

Jupiter's hurricane A.K.A the Eye has wind speeds of 270MPH! NOW that is fast its caused by its rotation it takes Jupiter 10 earth hours or 9.9 earth hours for a day to complete so the winds on Jupiter are really movin'! WOW!

How fast do hurricane wind speeds get up to?

It is believed that hurricane winds can reach 200 mph.

How high are the wind speeds of a thunderstorm?

Wind speeds vary during a each thunderstorm. The strength of the storm decides how fast the wind speeds may be.

What do the wind speeds reach on Neptune?

The wind speeds in Neptune reach very high speeds i do not know the exact but you know maybe you should tryGoogleha ha that would be very much better...

Does Jupiter experience wind?

Yes. Jupiter has very fast winds.

What is Jupiter's weather?

The weather in Jupiter is very cold because it is the 5th planet away fron the sun.And Because Jupiter is the biggest planet there is ALOT planet to keep warm. Wind speeds on Jupiter reach 800 km/h :)

What are the wind speeds on Uranus?

The wind speeds on Uranus can reach 250 meters per second (900 km/h, 560 mph)

How fast is the wind on Jupiter?

Around 100m/c

How fast is an ef5?

Wind speeds in an EF5 tornado are estimated to be in excess of 200 mph. They can reach much higher, potentially exceeding 300 mph.

Wind speed on Saturn?

Wind speeds can reach up to 1,125 miles per hour.

How fast can wind speeds be?

anything Basically, during a hurricane, wind speeds can go from about 80-180mph. But generally, on a windy day, about 15mph.

Can people live in Jupiter?

no people cant live in jupiter because the wind is to hard and fast.

How fast was Hurricane Katrina?

Wind speeds up to 175 mph

How fast does the wind blow on Uranus?

Uranus has wind speeds up to 560 miles per hour.

How fast can wind speeds get during a thunderstorm?

In rare cases thunderstorm wind gusts may exceed 150 mph.

Why waves travel at different speeds?

maybe because the wind is moving them fast or i do not know

How many miles per hour do the wind speeds reach near Saturn's equator?


How fast did hurricane Katrina move?

very fast!! wind speeds came up to over 170mph! (category 5)

What is the wind speeds of venus?

The wind speeds are approximately 34.48

Is there any evidence of wind on uranus?

There is evidence of wind on Uranus. Wind speeds on Uranus can reach 560 miles per hour, or 900 kilometers per hour.

How fast are Neptune's winds?

The fastest wind speed recorded on Neptune was 1,500mph which was the greatest storm wind but its usual wind speed is 1,400mph. Neptune's winds are the fastest winds in the solar system. The wind speed can reach to 2.200 km/hour, which is faster than the Great Red Spot of Jupiter.

What are places on Jupiter?

well one place on jupiter is its massive red spot, which is a giant never ending wind storm with speeds of 500 - 900 miles per hour.

Are there any winds on Uranus?

Yes, the wind speeds on Uranus can reach 250 meters per second.

Can a tornado reach the wind speed of 100000?

No. The highest wind speeds in a tornado are estimated to be a little over 300 mph (480 km/h).

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