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How fast could the ENIAC add?

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Each Accumulator could do 5000 additions or subtractions per second and there were 20 Accumulators that could potentially all run simultaneously if the problem could be setup with enough parallelism (which was difficult to do and thus rare, even when it could be done it was impossible to sustain for long).

The theoretical ideal case speed (with full parallelism) was 5000 * 20 = 100,000 additions or subtractions per second.

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Did they have computers in the 1950?

The first computer was the ENIAC, completed in 1946. It could do simple mathematical equations such as add and subtract.

How fast was the ENIAC?

It could do 5000 additions/subtractions per second in each accumulator. It had 20 accumulators and could run several at the same time.

What was ENIAC first used for?

to perform mathematical calculations at a very fast could do 5000 additions and 360 multiplications in just 1 second.

11 What was ENIAC?

what was eniac?

How many operations could eniac perform at one time?

Rhea Vargas

Who built eniac?

The ENIAC was built by the U.S. Army.

Is eniac a electromechanical computer?

no, ENIAC was fully electronic.

How was the eniac made?

ENIAC the computer at what date was it finished?

The ENIAC computer was finished in November, 1945.

Did the ENIAC use Microsoft?

No. ENIAC was invented long before Microsoft was founded.

Did the first computer have a screen?

No. the ENIAC had a printer instead.

How much energy did the eniac use?

The ENIAC used 160 kilowatts (160,000 watts).

How many vocum tubes were in the eniac?

The Eniac had 17,468 vacuum tubes. The Eniac (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) is recognized as the first electronic general-purpose computer.

Why did the person who invented the computer named it ENIAC?

The ENIAC computer was named so because of the operations the computer were capable of. ENIAC stands for "Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer".

Where was the ENIAC invented?

Here is a really interesting site that is all about ENIAC >

Where was the ENIAC built?

ENIAC was built by the Moore School of Electrical Engineering; at the University of Pennsyvania in Philadelphia

Did eniac help clifford berry invent the first electronic computer?

berry had nothing to do with ENIAC

What is the height of the ENIAC?

8.5 feet by 3 feet by 80 feet. For the complete information on the Eniac, go to the related links box below were I posted the wikipedia Eniac article.

What is the difference between eniac and edvac?

The edvac came after the eniac (its predecessor). The main difference was that with the eniac if you wanted to complete a certain process different vacuum tubes had to be tampered with, whereas with the edvac john von neumann and others realised that computers could be programmed which meant you didnt have to tamper with the hardware each time you wanted to complete a different a task.

What was ENIAC?

ENIAC was one of the first computers, originally built by the US Army to calculate trajectories for artillery.

Where did Charles Babbage invent the ENIAC?

Babbage died long before ENIAC was even thought of! He had nothing to do with it.

How much did ENIAC weight?

ENIAC weighed more than 30 short tons or 6,000 pounds.

What are the function of ENIAC?

ENIAC are use in calculating ballistic firing tubes and also in designing atomic weapon

Who designed the first electronics computer-ENIAC?

J. Presper Eckert and John W Mauchly

What does ENIAC stand for in the computer world?

A computer. ENIAC stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator.The ENIAC was the first digital computer in the modern sense of the word, built in 1942-1945 in USA.