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How fast did a Viking longboat go?


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On average, a Viking longship went about 5-10 knots (5.5 - 11 mph). Under very favorable conditions, they could reach 15 knots (17 mph).

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A viking Longboat was a ship that vikings used to sail a cross the sea.

about 30 - 50 metres long becasue well it's a LONGboat

The masts were probably made out of wood.

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Being a Viking means going on raiding expeditions by longboat. That is considered to be terrorism or looting and murder and is no longer an acceptable thing to do.

Viking longboats were rowed with oars till they caught wind in a single large square sail.

Whoever commissioned the boat to be built . Quite often they were community property.

The thin streamline would allow it to go fast.

Dragon. Vikings believed that the dragon would ward off the evil sea spirits.

Unlike later ships of the Age of Sail, Viking longboats had many oars, as did the earlier ships of the Roman Empire. (see the drawing in the link below)

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From the term "a viking", which means to go raiding.

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"Suddenly as the viking leaped off the longboat to raid the monastery his blood-lust peaked and he went completely Berserk!. Seeking out monks to slay and murder or enslave. "

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It comes from the term "a viking", which means to go raiding.

The term "a viking", which means to go raiding.

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The Viking Longboat has a backward/downward facing, flat ore strapped to the right, rear side with an arm off it that comes into the boat. This oar was used to steer the ship.

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