How fast do microwaves travel at?

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186'000 miles an hour or speed of light

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Q: How fast do microwaves travel at?
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What do microwaves travel though?

the microwaves travel though the heat

Do microwaves travel faster than radio waves?

Microwaves ARE radio waves.

How can microwaves cook food fast?

microwaves different waves at certain frequencies which agitate the water molecules in the food and heat it up.

What else is as fast as light?

Neutrinos can be nearly as fast as light. All electromagnetic radiation (light, X-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, microwaves) travels at the same speed. Gravitons, if they exist, travel at the speed of light.

What also travels as a wave?

Light and sound travel in waves as do microwaves.

Do gamma rays have a higher or lower frequency than microwaves?

Gamma rays have a much higher frequency than microwaves, even though microwaves have a longer wavelength than gamma rays.All forms of electromagnetic radiation travel at the speed of light or 186,000 miles per second. So the increase in wavelength(microwaves) means they do not oscillate as fast(lower frequency) in order to reach 186,000 miles per second.

How fast do spaceships travel?

How fast does a spaceship travel

Do X-rays travel faster than microwaves?

No. Both X-rays and microwaves are forms of light, and light always travels at the same speed.

Are young rivers travel fast?

yes, they travel fast.

Why do microwaves cook food so fast?

Microwaves use high-frequency electromagnetic waves to cook food. The reason food cooks so fast this way is because the energy works with the moisture within the food.

Which can travel as fast as the speed of light?

-- radio waves-- microwaves-- heart waves-- infrared waves-- all of the visible colors-- ultraviolet waves-- X-rays-- gamma rays

How do signals travel in space?

By use of electromagnetic waves, usually microwaves or radio waves.

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