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How fast do spaceships travel?


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How fast does a spaceship travel

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the nasa never sent a space ship to jupiter

so pepoele could travel

To break the pull of gravity and escape the earth's pull (escape velocity) you have to travel 7 miles per second or 25,000 mph.

Germs travel as fast as their hosts travel. If they are on a slow host, they will travel slowly. If they are on a fast host, they will travel quickly.

The collective nouns for ships are a fleet, an armada, or a formation. The same collective nouns can be used for the noun spaceships:a fleet of spaceshipsan armada of spaceshipsa formation of spaceships

Are there NOW any spaceships that travel to and from Mars? No. Will there be IN THE FUTURE spaceships that will travel to and from Mars? Very probably. After the discovery of the "New World" in 1492, ships between Europe and the Americas were slow, rare, dangerous and limited. Mars is ten-thousand times farther away, but it will happen eventually.

They are spaceships used by aliens.

Most spaceships are unpainted.

Spaceships leave the atmosphere altogether and enter outerspace. Orbiting spacecraft do normally remain in the thermosphere, above the "Kármán Line" which is the accepted point where outer space starts.

yes, they travel fast.

in the 1500s they used alien spaceships now we use teleportation devices

Spaceships have a fairly huge amount of kinetic (movement) energy, since they must needs move very fast. When reentering the atmosphere, most of this energy will be converted to heat, as a result of friction.

Yes, they travel some fast!

about as fast as light

As fast as they want to.

as fast as they possibly can!

Spaceships can fly, but need certain materials for lift off.

No. It contributes with some technology, but does not launch its own spaceships.

They help human life forms travel to outer spacer's they help people to explore about the space.

It can travel very fast. Except, it matters how close it is to the sun. But for my opinion, it can travel like a bajillion mph.

As fast as your momma runs. Not very fast!

it depends on how fast you throw it

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