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How fast do tsunamis travel?


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As fast as they want to.

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tsunamis can travel 600 mi/hour

The answer is.... quite fast

it depends on how big it is and how fast it travels.

Tsunamis can travel close to the speed of sound. The most recent one traveled at about 200 mph.

Well,sometimes tsunamis can go as fast as a jet.

The tsunami can flood as fast as a commercial jet plane.

In the deep ocean, a tsunami can travel at more than 900 kilometers per hour

One went from Krakatoa in Indonesia to England. They can move as fast as a commercial jet plane.

most tsunamis take place in the Pacific Ring of Fire but the can travel distances at a very fast speed so other places that are close to the ring of fire are at a risk as well

Yes, they can. Tsunamis recollect their energy when they are traveling across the ocean.

Germs travel as fast as their hosts travel. If they are on a slow host, they will travel slowly. If they are on a fast host, they will travel quickly.

How fast does a spaceship travel

tsunami goes so fast because it comes from sea only makes tsunami fast

yes, they travel fast.

No, they are not weather-related and usually not localized. Tsunamis are usually caused by a disturbance of the seabed such as an earthquake and can travel thousands of miles.

Yes, they travel some fast!

Asteroid impacts, landslides, tsunamis, river flooding.

Tsunami speeds can go up to 600 miles an hour.

Tsunamis can travel up to about 600 miles per hour.

Yes, some earthquakes travel through water. They could cause Tsunamis and other stuff.

about as fast as light

as fast as they possibly can!

i think 620 mhp or different y u askin me do it ur self!!

Meteor collisions, tsunamis, flooding, and volcanic eruptions.

It can travel very fast. Except, it matters how close it is to the sun. But for my opinion, it can travel like a bajillion mph.

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