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It tops out about 50-80, really depends the bike and how much weight is on it.

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90 to 100 depending who is riding

it will maybe go around 60-90 if your lucky

a 125cc pit / stomp bike can reach limits of 70mph :)

it goes up your *** belive it

My 2004 XR80R, dirtbike, went around 45mph.

No such thing as a 5-stroke dirtbike.

Depends on what brand but about 45mph

It will at least go 45mph

Any where from 30 to 45mph. It depends on what brand and the size of the rider.

in the 40-45 mph range

Up to 40mph depending on the riders weight.

It will go about 35 mph to tops 40 mph

a 125cc varies between 65-85mph with a four stroke engine, and 65-up to 100mph with a two stroke

It depends on the gearing of the gearbox and how many gears there are

well depending on the brad a average would go about 50 to 65 mph

depends on the weight of the rider it could normally go up to 90 kph

My son and me both have one and can get 50mph on dirt .

A 125cc scooter has a sports exhaust and that makes it louder than your average ride. If you want one that is not so noisy, you will also have to go with one that is not so fast.

A properly tuned 125 cc racing kart will do over 60 mph.

by riding motorcycle fast.

What kind of an idiot are you? That seriously depends on what kind of freaking bike you have, STUPID!

Dirt bikes come in many different sizes are depending are the size you are. There are different sizes for example: 50cc, 80cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, 450cc.

i think it is 5,0000000000 miles per hour