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i think but i can be positive that it will run he quarter in 14.9 there is a vid on you tube called fiero vs mr2 it has more details

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โˆ™ 2008-10-12 07:17:48
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Q: How fast does a 1988 fiero gt V6 5-speed go stock?
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How fast does a Pontiac fiero go?

Best top speed for a stock V-6 Fiero: 135 mph Worst: 115 mph Both Fieros were '85 GT's, the latter with an automatic transmission.

Why does your 84 Pontiac fiero overheat?

The reason behind the over heating of your fiero is the fact its an RMR layout and your cooling system is in the front end of the car. The time the coolant travels is not quick enought to cool the engine as fast as it is needed.

What are the release dates for Riding Fast - 1988?

Riding Fast - 1988 was released on: USA: 18 August 1988 (video premiere)

1984 fiero bogs out when you give it gas fast but works fine when you gradually give it gas?

check tps sensor and iac

Pontiac 3.8 supercharger fiero?

I have been running this engine in my car for 3 years now, makes the Fiero what it should have been. Scary fast and completly reliable if done right. There are several good references on the web to tell you how and sell you the parts.

How fast does a stock 2000 trans am in a quarter of a mile?

Stock 13.80

How fast does a stock banshee go?

A stock Yamaha Banshee will go 77.7mph

How fast is A stock 250r?

around 115 stock best quad made

How fast is a stock 2002 YZ125?

With stock gearing around 63 mph

How fast is a stock bugatti?

The stock Bugatti Veyron goes 253 mph.

How fast does an 86 fiero go?

2.5L 145 km/h 2.8L165 km/h from Pontiac spec.

How fast is a Pontiac trans am?

Pretty fast. Fast enough to spin the tires in the rain in 4th-5th gear at 50 mph stock. About 250 rwhp stock. Mine is 450 rwhp lol!

How fast is a Stock 98 gmc sierra?

It will do 100.

How fast does a 1988 Corvette go?

A CORVETTE 1988 goes up to about 180

How fast is a 1988 Honda cr125?

well they don't have much of a bottom end, but mid - high range they fly. Possibly the best top end of a stock 125. So i would say about 65 mph -70 mph

How fast does a 2004 Honda crf50f go stock?

not very fast , about 20 mph+

How fast is a 1988 firebird formula 350?

Really fast.......... I own one !

How fast is a 2008 Honda trx 250?

stock they will go about 45-50miles an hour stock

What are the ratings and certificates for Fast Gun - 1988?

Fast Gun - 1988 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:BPjM Restricted USA:R

How fast does a 350x go?

70mph stock

Honda Civic fast car?

No. not if it is stock.

How fast is a stock HPI blitz?

20-35 mph

How fast does a stock Suzuki Rm 450F go?

With stock gearing would be in the 75 mph range.

How fast is the ssc ultimate?

Its the fast stock car in the world. 257hp+ 0-60 in 2.78 seconds. YES a fast car.

Is a 1988 Honda Accord fast?

Absolutley not.