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How fast does a Pontiac fiero go?


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Best top speed for a stock V-6 Fiero: 135 mph Worst: 115 mph

Both Fieros were '85 GT's, the latter with an automatic transmission.

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2.5L 145 km/h 2.8L165 km/h from Pontiac spec.

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Standing straight up in the drivers seat.

145 kmph or around 90 mph according to Pontiac spec. A good running car can easily beat this by 5 mph (at least mine did)

There is someone with a Olds 455 in his Fiero, but he had to remove the trunk.

Suzuki and TVs are motorcycles Pontiac Fiero is a very rare collectors sports car.

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The 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT, was priced at $12,875-$12,999 which was nearly $4,000 more than the base model.

An individual can find the tech specifications on the motor used in the Pontiac Fiero in the manual that came with the vehicle or on the Pontiac web site. There are also many auto repair manuals that can be purchased or perused at an auto parts supply store that will also have the information on the motor used in the Pontiac Fiero.

On the exhaust pipe, from where it leaves the engine, but before the catalytic converter.

Yes. The final year of Fiero production ( 1988 ) had power steering.

The reason behind the over heating of your fiero is the fact its an RMR layout and your cooling system is in the front end of the car. The time the coolant travels is not quick enought to cool the engine as fast as it is needed.

Yep, they built a bunch of those

I have been running this engine in my car for 3 years now, makes the Fiero what it should have been. Scary fast and completly reliable if done right. There are several good references on the web to tell you how and sell you the parts.

There's a kit for that. Check the internet for fiero clubs and ask around.

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