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How fast does a boat travel?

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How fast a boat can travel varies based on the type of boat. Some boats travel at very slow speeds like 3-4 knots, and others at 80+ knots.

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How long would it take to travel 1426 miles by boat?

How fast is the boat going?

How long would it take to travel by boat from Argentina to Antarctica?

Depends on the boat and how fast it can travel as well as route and weather conditions.

How fast does a viking long boat travel?

2-3 knots

How long to travel to Florida from the Bahamas by boat?

A few hours, depending on how fast you sail.

How long would it take to travel 300 kilometres in a boat?

That depend on how fast you are going,

How fast is a 10 hp boat boat?

The shape of the boat hull, the gearing, the propeller size and pitch, the draught, the tide all influence the speed a vessel will travel.

How many days does it take to travel 4400 miles by boat?

The answer will depend on how fast the boat can go as well as how many hours a day it is going.

How many days to travel from Singapore to Australia by sea?

It depends how fast you can swim/if you can afford to take a boat.

What is a boat race?

A boat race is a competition in which two or more boats compete against each other to travel as fast as possible down a specific course.

How fast did mayflower travel?

The Mayflower was a boat that the early settlers of America traveled on. This Mayflower took many months to travel from Europe to North America.

How fast does a tug boat travel?

That's like asking how fast does a car travel. It depends on the car. Tug boats are powerful but not very fast. An average top speed may be about 13 kts. plus or minus 4 kts.

How fast do most passenger river boat travel in knots - most river boats around the world travel at the same speed?

Most of the passenger river boat travels at 35 knots per hour.

How long does it take to travel from Eureka Ca to Stockton Ca by boat?

It depends on how fast your sailboat is and the weather. If you are in the boat on a trailer it's 55 mph times the distance.

Why is a speed boat fast?

because the name speed boat means its a fast boat why else would it be called a speed boat

How fast does a 100 hp motor boat travel?

it all depends on water conditions and the boat.the right size boat for a 100 hp should do around 55-60mph

How fast is a boat?

depends on the kind of boat :)

What is travel oversea?

To travel by sea on a boat.

How fast do spaceships travel?

How fast does a spaceship travel

What is the maximum speed that a power boat can travel at?

It depends on how the power boat is set up. Aerodynamics, weight and length all have a factor in how fast the boat can go. A power boat that is set up as a race boat will usually be up around 100 mph, but a regular power boat will usually go upwards of about 60 mph.

Are young rivers travel fast?

yes, they travel fast.

How fast is a speed boat?

really really fast

How can you travel from the UK to France?

you can travel by boat or ferri

Why do speedboats have sharper bows than barges?

This is because speed boats have to travel fast and a sharp arrow makes them streamlined to reduce air resistance so they travel very fast. barges would not have made the speedboat go fast because it is not streamlined and it would slow te boat down

Did zebulon pike travel by ship or boat?

He traveled by Boat

Did Ponce De Leon travel by boat are land?