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110 kph but only for a few seconds at a time

A cheetah can run at speeds of up to 75 mph, for short periods of time.


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No a horse can run at a speed of 40 mph, whereas the Cheetah can run at an amazing speed of 70 mph.

a cheetah it run around 75 mph.

A female cheetah can run 65-75 mph for short bursts.

Both the cheetah and the lion are from the cat family. The lion is almost as fast as the cheetah. The lion can run as fast as 50 mph but the cheetah runs faster at 60 or 70 mph.

A Cheetah can run that fast, but they aren't pets.

no a cheetah can only run up to 70 mph

Well I am not a fast runner, so I would estimate that I would run at about 5 mph.

A cheetah can run as fast as 65 mph but they can not run at that speed for a long time

no at about 60 to 70 mph and only for a minute or so

Cheetahs have been clocked (recorded) at 70 mph.

who fast can a baby cheetah run

No dog can run as fast as a cheetah.

the cheetah can run up to 70 mph,humans can run in the 20mph rangenobody can run faster than a cheetah if you see viedos they are just fake cheetah are the only fastest thing on earth nobody is fast then a cheetah

A cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth. An ostrich can run at top speed of about 30 mph. A cheetah can run at top speed of about 70 mph. Answer an Ostrich can run up to 40 miles per hour (MPH). A cheetah can run up to 70 miles per hour (MPH). A cheetah is faster.

The Cheetah has a musclar build which allows it to run fast.

Around 60-65 mph at their peak, oh wait that's a cheetah.

A cheetah can run up to 70 mph.An ostrich can run up to 30or 40 mph.A cheetah wins.I love cheetah.6tthjx bcc

i can run fast but not as fast as a cheetah

It depends. Not all cheetahs go at the same speed. the fastest speed a cheetah can run is 68 mph

Cheetahs can run up to 70 mph, but for only about 20 seconds. They tire easily when sprinting.

An average pronghorn antelope can run as fast as an average cheetah. But the fastest animal is a peregrine falcon which, in its dive can travel twice as fast.

The Cheetah is the fastest recorded "big cat" topping 75 mph.

The Cheetah is the fastest animal on Earth, they can run up to 75 MPH.

well 5 to 7 mothes is 50 to 60 mph

An alpaca can run very fast. They run slower than a cheetah. Alpacas run faster than a zebra, spotted hyena, elk, and white tiger.

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