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about 40 mph. you will really have to make it up to your mom to get this baby.


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Top speed for an electric razor scooter is around 10mph.

RAZOR Because its Safe and fast And You can buy one without a SEAT

a raqzor scooter goes about 10-15 mph max. but it depends on the model. i would recommend that u get a gas powered scooter. its more conveniant and you don't have to wait for it to fully charge.

as fast as you want it too go

As fast or a little faster than a basic one.a good buy.

well, if your talking about the scooter, the e100 goes slower (but still fast) and the e175 goes faster.

fast and shiny ones are about 250 - 500 bucks but razor usually are 175

Because they give the dirt bike a strong battery. , that's all.

The grass has more friction than the concrete, so the scooter doesn't go as fast

Depends on how powerful the motor is. Rather slow/weak electric scooters can be driven any old how, but if it's powerful/fast enough a license (or at least the appropriate age) can be required.No.

Most electric scooters travel between 10-20 mph on average. If the rider is light they will go about 20-30 at maximum depending what type you have bought. If it is a stand up scooter it will go 15-25mph, but if it is a high class sit down scooter it can travel up to about 30mph at the most. Most electric scooters top out at about 35mph. But you can find some that go upwards of fifty miles per hour. It all depends on the make and model of the scooter.

A 43 cc scooter will usually top out at around 30-35 mph.

your butt wil look fast on a skinny seat.

the imod scooter can go up to 15 miles per hour. i hope i can get 1!

12 mph on a scooter is 12 miles an hour (about 4 times walking speed)

Get a razor pro . if u get an A1, youll break it. it took me 3 months to learn a razor pro is great if your on a budget, but if you have $100-150 I would highly recommend getting a thread less scooter or a scooter that is compatible with an "integrated headset". integrated headset help for a more stable, fast, and smooth ride. I would recommend if you have that budget to get an envy prodigy, or a 2015/16 mgp team edition. if your looking into buying one, please go to- I highly recommend them for the best service, lowest prices, and best all around support.

i have bones super reds and they are pretty fast

about 15 mph at top speed

up to a whopping 15mph! :)

The maximum speed is 14 mph

Hos fast can a scooter... go? Scooter top speeds range depending on their engine size, gearing, bike weight, rider weight, etc. So details aside, the average answer would be from about 30 to 55mph, give or take (assuming engine sizes from 50cc - 150cc).

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