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A grizzly will run 70 at max speed on the highwy

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How fast can grizzly bear travel?

A Grizzly can run 35 or more MPH

Grizzly bear can run as fast as the average what?


How many mph can a bear run?

Grizzly bears can run as fast as 65 km/h how about panda bears?

How fast can a grizzly run?

They can sprint for short periods up to 45 to 50 miles an hour.

How fast can a bear run in the 100 yard dash?

5.42 seconds. my uncle has a pet grizzly named brownie

How fast are grizzly bears?


Are grizzly bears slow?

No. A grizzly can run at over 35 mph.

Which man had a run in with a grizzly bear?

Please be more specific. A lot of men have had run- ins with grizzly bears!

How fast can grizzly bears run?

as fast as a horse26 km/hoursBetween 25-33 mph, top speed.

What is the movement of a grizzly bear?

The movement of a grizzly bear can fast & slow. Each grizzly bear acts differently, to each different person it comes across. Grizzly Bears may come at you fast or if your lucky slow or may just walk away.

Why are animals afraid of grizzly bears?

Grizzly bears are at the top of the food chain. They are very powerful, and can run as fast as a horse. They don't have any predators except for occasionally clashing with wolves, so most animals don't mess with them.

Can a grizzly bear run faster than an average horse?

No; a grizzly bear can run about 30 MPH. A horse can run about 40 MPH. Horse speed can vary by breed, however.

How fast can Rottweilers run?

its not how fast the rottweiler can run its how fast you can run !

How fast is a YAMAHA 2004 660 grizzly ATV?


How fast will a 700 grizzly go?

68-72 mph.

What should you do if you encounter a grizzly bear?

run away

How far can a grizzly bear run?

123333 miles

Why can't you run fast?

i can run fast but not as fast as a cheetah

How fast is a Yamaha grizzly 80 ATV?

The yamaha grizzly 80 goes 38 mph I have one and it says it in the instruction manual.

How fast can a lizard run?

they run fast

How fast can a Maltese dog run?

a maltese puppy can run as fast as a cheetah they run fast when there on fullspeed

How fast do woodchuck run?

How fast can a woodchuck run

How fast can baboons run?

as fast as you want them to run

How fast can a aardvark run?

how fast do aardvarks run

How fast can a lab run?

A lab can run almost as fast as a cheetha but not as fast