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How fast does a human walk?

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It depends on how quickly the human in question puts one foot in front of the other -- factors such as length of stride, weight, and type of terrain effect this. Generally speaking, most people walk at 2.5 to 3 miles per hour. Typically 4 MPH is considered a brisk walk, and at about 6 MPH, you're jogging. Over a long distance (e.g., a marathon) 12 MPH is a world-record pace.

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How Fast does the average human walk?


How fast does a camel walk?

Camels can walk about the same speed as an average human.

How fast do camels walk?

About the same as a avg human.

How fast can a human walk?

The average human can only walk 2.5-3 miles per hour. People who speed walk can average a speed of six miles per hour.

How fast does a human walk miles per hour?

About 4, without exertion.

How fast does a giraffe walk?

A giraffe does not walk really fast a girsffe can walk up to ...............

How fast do vampires run and walk?

Despite what you see in the movies vampires are dead bodies re-animated and as a consequence are rather slow moving, even sedentary creatures. _____________________________ They can run and walk as fast as they could when they were human.

How long does it take a human to walk 5 miles?

unknown, there are different paces people do, i walk fast and my friends walks slower than a turtle XD

How do you walk fast in woozworld?

You walk

How many miles can a human walk in an hour?

it depends on how in shape you are. if you are not in shape then it wont be alot but if you are in shape then you might go longer. it also depends on how fast you are. you could be in shape but you may not walk fast. some people walk slower then others so its kind of hard to explain?

Does tyrannosaurus rex walk on 2 or 4 does it walk slow or fast?

on 2 and fast

How long is 4.2 miles by walking?

4.2 miles walking is 4.2 miles long., but if you look up "how fast does a human walk" you can do the math to get how long it will take to walk 4.2 miles: 4.2mi/2.5mph=1.68 hrs or 100.8 mins ballpark, depending on how fast you walk. see the provided link.

What is analogy for walk?

Walk is to move moderately fast.

How fast can a shark walk?

sharks can't walk !

How fast the the average human walk in a minute?

7 miles in 50 minutes is what I have heard. It takes me though the same in about 100 minutes.

Is a strode a fast or a slow walk?

"Strode" is the past tense of "stride" which is a fast walk with long steps.

How fast does it take for a normal human to walk 5 miles?

The average pace for a human on level ground is 4 miles per hour. So one hour and fifteen minutes.

Who was the first human to walk on moon?

the first human to walk on moon is neel armstrong.

How long will it take to walk 300m?

depends on how fast you walk

How fast can an elephant walk?

walk 25mph/runs 40knh

How far is it if you walk for 55 minutes?

Depends on how fast you walk.

Do the cheetah's paws help them run fast?

Of course they do, paws are their version of human feet, without them we wouldn't be able to walk like we normally do.

How fast does a llama walk?

Twice as fast as half its speed.

How slowly do elephants walk?

Well elephants walk kinda slow sometimes and very fast...... They walk fast when there very hungry like baby elephants!!!

How fast should you walk?

You should walk at a safe pace sometimes depends on you. But i usually walk at a brisk rather fast pace, and i have lost 8 pounds.