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Q: How fast does an Echidna run?
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How fast does knuckles the echidna run?

Knuckles can run pretty fast, though not as fast as Sonic or Shadow.

Is knuckle's an echidna?

Knuckles is a short beaked echidna and not as fast as the other sonic characters but has strength.He is an echidna because of his nose, porcupines don't have as narrow snouts as echidna's do.

What do Echidna eat do they live in a tunnel where do you find them in Australia who do they find their food can they run fast?

The short-beaked echidna lives almost exclusively on termites, but will also eat ants. The long-beaked echidna feeds on other insects, worms and insect larvae as well. Echidnas do not live in a tunnel, but they do dig burrows. They are not fast runners.

How fast is knuckles the echidna?

He isn't as fast as Sonic, but he can glide and Sonic cant :3

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its not how fast the rottweiler can run its how fast you can run !

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Is the Echidna fast or slow?

well, it is fast if you take in consideration that its legs are tiny and stubby. but compared to other animals it is slow.

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How fast can knuckles the echidna run?

Sonic runs 765 mph said in the video game record book of 2008 Knuckles was able to catch up to that but run slower in Sonic Heros so I guess around 710 mph if not more.

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