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No estimates have been made of their speed, but all cats can run fast for short distances, at least.

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How fast can ocelot go?

an ocelot can run about 61 kph

Is an ocelot fast?

yes ocelots are very fast and can swim very fast too.

How fast can Rottweilers run?

its not how fast the rottweiler can run its how fast you can run !

Why can't you run fast?

i can run fast but not as fast as a cheetah

Are you able to tame an ocelot in Minecraft creative?

Yes, you can tame an ocelot in creative the same way you do it in survival. To tame an ocelot, hold any type of uncooked fish in your hand. The fish cannot be cooked. Crouch and slowly move towards the ocelot. If you make too much movement, ocelots will run away. Once an ocelot slowly walks toward you, don't move and right click it with your fish. The ocelot will eat it. This may require more fish. It may take some time to get an ocelot to come to you, but you have to be patient. When the ocelot sits down then it is tamed.

How fast can a Maltese dog run?

a maltese puppy can run as fast as a cheetah they run fast when there on fullspeed

How fast do woodchuck run?

How fast can a woodchuck run

How fast can baboons run?

as fast as you want them to run

How fast can a aardvark run?

how fast do aardvarks run

How fast can a lab run?

A lab can run almost as fast as a cheetha but not as fast

Do zebras run fast?

zebras do run fast but they don't run as fast as they need to run away from the predator , sometimes they do get away but not always

What makes an ocelot swim well?

It's legs make it swim well, and it is very powerful and fast, not only for swimming, but for chasing prey, attacking as leaping, and running to have races with their other ocelot friends.

How fast can a chameleon run?

Not very fast They can run quite fast but not very

What helps you run fast?

water helps you to run fast

How fast can human child run?

as fast as that child can run! ;]

How fast do nyalas run?

they run really fast. In fact they run 50 MPH!

Can you touch an ocelot?

You can touch an Ocelot but however , if the Ocelot feels threatened it may injure you.

Why are rabbits horned with the capacity to run fast-?

Rabbits are horned with the capacity to run fast so that they are able to run fast from their predators.

What bird can run as fast as a horse?

An Ostrich can run as fast as a horse

Can an antelope run fast?

they can run as fast as a banshee, so... yes

Who fast can a babby cheetah run?

who fast can a baby cheetah run

Why do rabbits need to run fast?

They need to run fast so they can out-run and escape predators.

Is the ocelot an endangered species?

No an Ocelot is not Endangered

How long in cm is an ocelot?

What in the heck is Ocelot?

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