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You would feel its effect right away. However it depends on the strength of the coca tea. Commercial brands like Del Valle and Hornimans pack 1 gram of coca leaves per tea bag that would provide enough alkaloid to the human body and its effect would be noticed in minutes.


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Q: How fast does coca tea work?
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Does lipton tea have coca leaves?

Lipton tea does not contain coca leaves. Coca leaves are native to South America and can be submerged into hot water to create an herbal tea.

Were can you buy coca leaf tea in UK?

You can order coca tea online directly from Peruvian distributor. I would recommend as they offer free shipping to most countries.

Is iced tea a Coca-Cola product?

it depends, iced tea can be made by nestle

Where can you buy coca tea?

Well if this was not a typo and you're not looking for "Cocoa tea" then you are looking for the maker of cocaine, the coca plant. Naturally this is illegal to posses in the U.S. so you are going to have to order it but even then you will be lucky if it gets through the mail. Actually you can order and buy coca tea through Just go to Amazon search for coca tea and you will find a whole variety of coca teas, all shipped from the USA. Do not buy from unknown sources or directly from Peru or Bolivia as it can be contaminated by the sprays used for coca extermination in South America for illegal coca plantations or get seized at customs; always look for the organic or premium organic coca teas ( Novoandina has an organic line with three varieties of coca teas) also offers premium organic coca tea

How long does coca tea stay in your system?

Alkaloids found in one cup of coca tea would stay in your system from 48 to 72 hours. Source:

How do the tea cups at Canada's wonderland work?

they spin around fast on a slanted platform

WHAT drugs do not interact with Coca tea?

Coca tea has a small quantity of alkaloids to interact with any medication, I would be careful with heart conditions and heart related medication but besides that I have never heard of any possible side effect.Coca tea is not an addictive substance, but it is very helpful and effective to drop the caffeine habit.You can read more about coca tea at www.MysteriousBolivia.Blogspot.comthey have several articles regarding coca tea and so far is the most complete data base about the subject.

Which liquid stains the teeth the most Coca Cola tea or coffee?

Tea. But the long term bad effects of Coca Cola and other soft drinks are very bad! Tea only stains teeth, it does not harm them, considering that you don't add sugar to it. Ice tea however has a demineralizing effect on a tooth's enamel that is similar to Coca Cola.

Where can coco tea be purchased?

Coca tea is a herbal tea that's also called mate de coca. You can purchase this tea if you are in Peru, Ecuador, or Bolivia in any supermarket. If living in North America however, and wish to purchase this tea, it is not available for legal purchase here due to customs regulations.

Is Coca tea dangerous to drink?

Yes it is an extremely dangerous drink.

Are nestea and fuze tea the same?

Exactly the same :) Nestle and coca cola seperated. Nestle kept the brand name and coca cola kept the formula and the shape of the bottle. So Coca Cola had to change only the name of the product and so they called it fuze tea

Where can you coca tea? ! They ship from the USA, just search at their page for " coca tea " Try also Those stores ship directly from USA, never Order from overseas, customs will seize the package

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