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River 'speed' is not measured by actual speed of meters per second, but rather how much water flows through per second.?æThe Red River of the North has an average flow of 8,617 cubic feet per second. Its maximum flow is 152,900 cubic feet per second, while its minimum flow is 491 cubic feet per second.

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How fast does the river Rhine flow?

how fast dose the river rine flow

How fast the Amazon River flow?

how fast does the amazon river flow

What does the red river in Louisiana flow into?

The Red River flows into the Mississippi River.

How fast does the castlereagh river flow?

fast about 20km i think

Does the water in the nile river flow fast or slow?


What body of water does the Red River flow into?

The Red River flows into the Mississippi.

How fast does the river Thames flow?


How fast does the Arkansas River flow?


How fast does the Tuolomne River flow?

too fast for people to swim in :/

Where do the river flow very fast?

on the slope down from the top of the river, to the bottom of the river

What direction does the red river flow East westnorth south northeast southwest soueast northwest?

what direction does the red river flow

Where does the Red River flow into the Mississippi?


Does the Red River in North Dakota flow in the Mississippi River?

The Red River located in North Dakota does not flow into the Missouri or the Mississippi River system but instead flows northward into Canada with its mouth at Lake Winnipeg. This Red River is not related to the Red River that flows into the Mississippi River and forms the border between Oklahoma and Texas. The Red River of the North is a more precise name for North Dakota's Red River.

How fast does the lower course of a river flow?

Fairly slow

How fast does the Nile River flow?

4 mph biatches

Does the Red River Flow into Lake Winnipeg?

The river with its source at the confluence of the Bois de Sioux River and Otter Tail River does flow into to Lake Winnipeg

How fast does the river thames?

The tidal flow is 3-4 knots.

How fast does the Colorado river flow?

2 miles per hour

Does Nile River flow into Red Sea?

The River Nile flows into the Mediterranean Sea

How fast does the Yangtze River flow?

3536373653434 that is how fast it flows (well im 7 im gessing)

What are the rivers that flow through Nova Scotia?

red river

How fast does the Murray river flow?

The Murray River in South Australia is the longest river in Australia. At it's mouth, the speed of the water flow is 27,086 cubic feet per second.

List the rivers that flow into the Mississippi river?

There are many rivers that flow into the Mississippi River. Some of these rivers include the Ohio River, the Gull Lake River, the Wisconsin River, the Red Cedar River, and the St. Croix River.

How fast does the water in the grand canyon flow?

Canyons don't flow. Do you mean the river flowing through the canyon?

What are three major bodies of water that Minnesota's watersheds flow to?

Mississippi river, red river, and minnesota river

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