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It's like 100/kb's

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Q: How fast is 1.0 mbps internet?
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How long it takes to download 25 GB in 100 mbps internet speed?

100 mbps, is very fast internet. Its about 4 min.

Is broadband dsl internet very fast?

Cable modems runs faster than DSL. Cable internet supports approximately 30 Mbps of bandwidth, whereas most forms of DSL cannot reach 10 Mbps.

Is 17 Mbps a fast download speed for cable internet?

i normally get speeds varying from 12-19 mbps download.

What is the difference between 1mbps and 7mbps Internet speed?

10 - 7 = 3 3 mbps faster.

Name three types of ethernet?

10-Mbps Ethernet, 100-Mbps or Fast Ethernet, and 1000-Mbps or Gigabit Ethernet.

Is DSL the fastest internet connection?

no, the fastest internet is not dsl its cable internet beside that, it the government internet that the real fastest the fastest you going to get with dsl is 5 mbps a cable or fiber cable you will get 10 or up to 50 mbps of speed depending on the server.

What is fast speed internet and is satellite internet considered fast speed?

Fastest internet in the world ever recorded was around 400gbps (Gigabytes Per Second) slow is around 6 Mbps (megabits per second) average would be around 30 mbps. Satellite internet would get you about 10 Mbps, so depending on what you use the internet for and if you download large files (700 mb+) satellite would be average... I recommend a Mi-Fi card....extremely portable, super fast, rapid downloads and uploads.... I use a Verizon 4G jetpack... I take it on trips and it works great.... I never have signal problems no matter where I am!

Why is my wireless Internet only going 8.8 Mbps when it goes 43 Mbps wired?

A person is limited as to how fast their Internet can go when it is connected wirelessly. A person should connect to their modem with an ethernet cable whenever possible.

Is 100 mbps a lot for an Internet connection?

An internet speed of 100 is fast if it refers to megabits or gigabits per second. If it is a 100 kilobit per second connection, it is very slow and only twice as fast as dial-up.

How long does downloading for the heroic map pack take?

Depends on how fast your internet is, mine took 15 minutes on 100 mbps, so about 30 minutes on 50 mbps.

What is the average internet speed?

Home Internet: 1 MBPS to 2 MBPS Movie Downloader/Heavy Cracker: 4 MBPS Office (INTOTAL): 80 MBPS To 400 MBPS! CHECK YOUR NOW ON: SPEEDTEST.COM

How fast is cable internet?

I think its between 5.mbps and 6. Its good enough for Xbox live with no lag.