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How fast is a 22 caliber round?


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== == If you mean .22 Rimfire ammunition, then subsonic 22's travel at 1050 fps. High velocity ammunition at1250 fps. CCI Stingers velocity at the muzzle is 1640 fps with 191ftlbs of energy.


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A 22 caliber rifle is a firearm and a BB gun is an air gun (Not a firearm) Now if you are asking about a .22 caliber air gun then the difference is in the size of the projectile. A BB is a hard round .175 caliber ball. The .22 caliber is a larger size pellet.

It depends on what you mean. A .22 caliber gun is a gun that will fire a .22 caliber cartridge. If you want an example of a .22 caliber gun, one example would be a Smith and Wesson model 17. this is true but u must remember that when describing a caliber u are talking about the diameter of the round . for example the .22 long rifle is the same diameter as the 5.56 that the m4 shoots . if the round is refer ed to as the .22 it will most likely be rim fire as other .22 like 5.7,5.56,and.223 will be center fire

Most match grade .22 runs at about 1050 fps. Various bullet weights and powder charges will produce different velocities, but figure from about 1000-1300 fps.

A 22 caliber pistol holds a dose of 22 caliber ammo.

I believe it means it is a 10 round .22 caliber long range rifle.

4000 fps or so. However, if you mean a .22 Long rifle, about 1200 FPS.

A .222 is a .22 cal center fire weapon at fires a .222 round

Depends on which cartridge, and there are dozens of different cartridges. A .22 rimfire is about 4 cents per round. Some exotic large caliber ammo is about $3 per round. Tell us which cartridge, and we can get you a better answer.

Gamo makes a round ball BB that is .22 Cal or 5.5 that are 15.42gr or 1G. Normal bb are .177

On the barrel of most guns produced, the proper caliber/gauge is stamped as well as size/ type. That being said I think the model 16 was a semi-auto .22 caliber, firing a .22 caliber long rifle round.

Stevens model 62 savage arms 22 caliber/30 round clip

It depends on several factors, but it ranges from about 830 feet per second to about 1180 FPS.

I believe that bolt action rifle has a 5 round magazine and a 10 round magazine............................

No. There are, however, .22 caliber shotshells made for rifles.

This is the approximate size of a .45 caliber round, the conversion being .443 inches.

The warning on the box says that the range of a .22 caliber is 1 mile. Do you mean a .22 Rimfire cartridge or a .223 round as fired in an M-16??

ABOUT 5.56mm. Depends on WHICH 22 caliber you mean- there are different size .22s.

the are also chambered for the 38 caliber, 9mm caliber and 22 caliber

It depends on a couple of factors, but it can range from none (on a subsonic round) to a couple of grains.

It depends on what you mean. Strictly speaking, a .223 cartridge has a .22 caliber bullet, but when people say .22, they are usually referring to .22 Short, Long Rifle, or Magnum cartridge, which is different than .223.

little scout 22 caliber longnrifle July 2 07.

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