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on average he runs at 765 mph. sonic could instantly accelerate faster than the sound with ease as shown in sonic x episode 1. yet in there second race, Sam raced him, they were nearing the finish line, Sam activated some sort of power core and pushed his rocket car beyond Supersonic speeds and Sonic made a ridiculous effort- it appeared they tied- they found out Sonic actually moved so fast, he crossed the finish like, then went to Some slow mo cameras, messed around and made stopped then poses for the camera to capture, then gave an encore performance and made it look like he tied. Not even Sam, who was moving faster till Sonic decided to get serious, could even see him. And the final event, which Super Saiyan mentioned. he could run alot faster by using his Super Peel-Out technique. he could also do a well known move the spin attack. that accelerates like the Super Peel-Out but he curls into a ball to build up momentum so he could destroy robots. sonic has specific light speed set of moves. the light speed dash and light speed attack. Since Sonic Heroes, he can perform the light attack fast and didn't need to charge anymore. for the dash, he no longer needs to charge as of sonic adventure 2. The Light Speed Dash returns in Sonic Generations as one of Modern Sonic's normal abilites. It is also stated in the Sonic Adventure DX manual that ''He's the world's fastest, hypersonic hedgehog'' which is at a staggering speed of 3,840 mph. in sonic cd Using his unrivaled speed, Sonic managed to travel through time and ensure a good future for the Little Planet. Omega also stated in Sonic Colors (DS) that with Sonic's current progress, he would surpass the speed of light. And that his speed is infinite and unmeasurable. ' in the Archie Comics. in the early going, Sonic outraced his own shadow and was faster than light. by vibrating his molecules at super-speed, Sonic can break free of chains and can create a force-field. in hyper sonic 134 He pushed himself to the limits to stop 2 missiles. he ran so fast time was frozen. and looked frozen while he was barley walking and even standing still! and almost got stuck in this speed. He returned to normal by forcibly relaxing himself (via LOOKING UP TRAINSPOTTING WEBSITES to bore himself back to normal)

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i run. 600ms

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How did Sonic get his name?

sonic is fast and sonic means fast

Why is Sonic named Sonic?

Sonic is named "sonic" because the word sonic means speed or "fast"! so they bacicaly named sonic fast fast the hedgehog?

How fat is sonic?

I think you mean fast. Sonic is not fat at all. Sonic is very, very fast. Edit: In the earlier Sonic games Sonic was a little fat.

What does Sonic?

sonic means super fast...

How fast is knuckles the echidna?

He isn't as fast as Sonic, but he can glide and Sonic cant :3

How do you run as fast as Sonic?

Travelling as fast as Sonic on bare legs is physically impossible.

How do you be super fast on Sonic Unlleashed?

To be super fast,You need to have 100,200'or more coins to be super fast on Sonic Unleashed

How can sonic run fast?

What powers Sonic is not known!

What does Sonic in Sonic automotive stand for?

Sonic stands for the realy fast hedgehog guy in the Sonic games. OR... It stands for something that is very fast, like supersonic. Ok

Is sonic fast in ssbb?

Yes. Sonic is very fast!(Yoshi can actually race sonic and tie if they started at the same time, sonic walking, Yoshi dashing!)

Is scourage fast as sonic?

Yes in a comic book picure i saw he ran as fast as sonic Sonicmelanie

How fast is tails the fox?

He is almost as fast as Sonic.

How fast can Sonic go when he is hyper Sonic?

Hyper Sonic is so fast,he could go through the whole UNIVERSE and back 62 times in a minute.

What stores sell sonic toys?

the fast food restaurant SONIC

Is sonic stronger than blaze?

yes sonic can go fast

What makes sonic so fast?

Nothing makes Sonic fast. He just was born with the power, just like his parents.

Why is Sonic So Fast?

Because he gotta go fast!

How fast does shadow run?

shadow runs as fast as sonic

How fast can sonic go in his comics?

as fast in video games

Why is Sonic the Hedgehog so fast?

sonic is so fast because hedgehogs can run SO fast that there heart beats 120 times in 5 seconds thats why he is so fast.

Can sonic beat silver in a battle?

Well Sonic is strong and fast and so does silver Sonic has speed and transform Silver can use telekinesis and transforn and run fast like sonic So it will be a toss up!

Why aren't the chaos emeralds in ultimate flash sonic?

Probly he his going fery slow or fast like he always runs like or even fast then that because I have a sonic game on my iPod and my sonic run fast then he shouls

What is a good name for a white male betta fish?

sonic,if hes fast,mines a blue betta and hes fast,like sonic the hedgehog,so i named him sonic!

What oes sonic mean?


Do Sonic the Hedgehog's sneakers give him super speed?

No, Sonic is naturally fast.

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