How fast to ride a road bike?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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You can ride at whatever speed you're comfortable with, as long as you're not above the posted speed limit.

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Q: How fast to ride a road bike?
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Why not ride a mountain bike on the road?

A road bike is faster on the road than a mountain bike. That's all

How long to ride a bike 10 miles?

It depends on how fast you can ride a bike!

How much do you pump a bike tire?

I ride a hybrid, mostly on street, some off road. I like my tires at 40 psi for a fast smooth ride.

How do you get your dad to let you ride your bike?

You show him that you know the rules of the road, and that you can ride the bike in a sensible manner.

Where can you ride a quad bike off road?

Ummm? Off road.

Can you ride dirt bike on fire road in New Jersey?

yes,you can ride a dirt bike on any road as long as you dont get caught by the 5 0

Do you need a bike license to ride a dirt bike off road?

only for trail and street use plz recommend me!!!!

What is the past tense for road?

There is no past tense for road, because it is a noun, not a verb. You may be referring to 'rode', which is the past tense for ride. Ex. I rode my bike. -Past tense I ride my bike. -Present tense I will ride my bike. -Future tense

Do you have to stop for an ambulance if your on your bike?

If the bike has a license, then it is an official vehicle and you need to ride it on the road and stop for the ambulance and get on the shoulder of the road.

What bike did Lance Armstrong ride in the Tour De France?

It's a drop bar road bike for most of the race, and a time-trial road bike for the individual pursuit stage.

When should i ride my bike on the road?

It's perfectly legal to ride bicycles on most roads. So ride on the road whenever you need or want to.

What do you need to ride 125cc bike on the road?

a 125cc motorbike