How fast was the bluenose?


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The blonose could trael Mach6 using its turbo booster rocket jet things...


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The Bluenose was launched in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia on March 26, 1921

Does a bluenose pitbull only have blue noses?

The bluenose was built in Lunenburg Nova Scotia Canada North America.

Bluenose is just a color. Others are red nose, white, black, brindle,...

The Bluenose was put on the dime because it is one of Canada's Prides. The Bluenose was an undefeated ship and was the fastest of it's time. It is currnely un ther the Atlantic ocean somewhere in hati (it crashed ther in 1946). The Bluenose II is currenly active in Nova Scotia.

a rednose has a reddish tan nose and a bluenose has a blueish black nose

the schooner Bluenose was launched at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia on March 26, 1921. -Ashton

"Bluenose" is not a breed. The average weight range for the American Pitbull Terrier is 30-60lbs

The bluenose ship is undefeated ship and the fastest back then, it crashed in 1946 near Haiti and is currently in Nova Scotia

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Pitbulls have the most stable temperament as shown in test against other breeds. Basically bluenose is the same trait as it comes to this. So its temperament is the temperament the owner has.

The band called The Houghton Weavers first sang the song called the Bluenose in 1977. This song continues to be sung by other bands since they first sung it.

The only info I found was a "smashed derelict" in Haiti.

No. There are the blue whales, but no blue nose.

Alice - 1976 Little Alice Bluenose 4-6 was released on: USA: 4 November 1979

The ship is a representation of the "Bluenose", a famous Canadian schooner. The artist, Emmanuel Hahn, used three ships including the Bluenose as his models, so the ship design is actually a composite.

It is the Bluenose was a Canadian fishing and racing schooner from Nova Scotia built in 1921. She was later commemorated by a replica Bluenose II built in 1963. A celebrated racing ship and hard-working fishing vessel, Bluenose became a provincial icon for Nova Scotia as well as important Canadian symbol in the 1930s. The name "bluenose" originated as a nickname for Nova Scotians from as early as the late eighteenth century. And On January 28, 1946 she foundered on a reef off the coast of Haiti and sank. L

The dime shows the Bluenose Schooner in full sail.

The Bluenose. It appears on the Canadian dime.

This is the Bluenose a famous racing fishing schooner under the red duster or Candaian Flag. She ( the ship) won the fisherman:s trophy for speed a number of times and was of course a popular working vessel as well. there was some controversy that the Bluenose was designed as a racing yacht- but surely equpped for the fishing trqde and rugged water operation. The Bluenose has long been a popular subject for ship modellers.

It was an undefeted sailing ship and was wrecked off the coast of Haiti in 1946

No, dolphins, whales, and porpoises are mammals because they do not lay eggs.

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