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Q: How get friends even homeschooled?
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How can you make friends if you live in a small town your homeschooled and you have no friends?

You can get a life

You cant tell your crush you like him bcause you are homeschooled dont have a lot of friends and he is totally hot everyone keeps telling you to tell him do yoll not get you cant what do you do HELP?

You should tell him, if he likes you back, it shouldn't matter if you're homeschooled and you don't have lots of friends!

How does a homschooler get a date?

well i actually dated a guy that was homeschooled once. he just got to know me and we were best friends before we even thought about going out with eachother. just get to know the person first

Was Howard Carter homeschooled?

== == Yes he was homeschooled.

Who homeschooled Bethany Hamilton?

She was homeschooled by her mom

Is Moises Arias homeschooled?

All Celebs are Homeschooled

Was Leo howard homeschooled?

Yes Leo Howard is homeschooled

When you become a celeb do you have to be homeschooled?

nope...i know for a fact Miley Cyrus is homeschooled!! its totally their choice but if i were to choose i would pick homeschooled!!

Is Jaden Smith homeschooled and what grade?

he is 12 and going to 6th grade and he is homeschooled.

If you are homeschooled how do you get a permit?

Being homeschooled should not interfere with your getting a permit. I've been homeschooled and got a permit... and now I have my license... All I did was go to our local driving school and make an appointment... the fact that I was homeschooled did not do anything...

What colleges do not accept homeschooled children?

None. All colleges accept homeschooled students, and a large number actively attempt to recruit more homeschooled students.

Did zendaya go to university or college?

She was homeschooled like me, I know We ROCK!!!!!!