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How good are solar panels in cold weather?

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December 20, 2014 5:04AM

Solar panels harvest the power of the sun and convert it to energy. On average, there is about 1 kilowatt of power for every square meter of ground surface on a daily basis. The cold weather does not affect the efficiency of the solar panel but the fact that the sunlight is less direct in the winter months does reduce the amount of energy each panel can convert. To increase the efficiency of the panels no matter the time of year, make sure to keep them clear of snow, ice, dirt, leaves, and anything else that can interfere with the ability of the light to get inside the solar panels. The lenses should be as clean as is practical. Think of them as windows: the more cluttered the lenses are, the less energy is able to get through to the photovoltaic cells that are the black parts inside.

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