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Bose has been known for high quality good sounding speakers and such. A lot of their products have high ratings on and reviewers who hae tried the product have said how good the sound quality is.

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Q: How good is the quality of Bose sounds system?
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Quality of Bose Music System Model 3.2.1?

Any system that comes with a mic to set the sound system is a good one. BOSE makes one.

Does Bose make a high quality wireless sound system?

Bose manufactures very high quality sound system, including wireless systems. To see what is available and compare prices, look at good quality high maybe??

What's a decent quality sounding speaker system for my car?

Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC, Alpine, and Bose are very good quality sounding speaker system's for cars.

Is the Bose home system the best quality for the money?

The Bose home system has its good and its bad as with all brands . It all depends on what your expecting from your home system . I would review it a few times before making any final purchases .

Is a Bose stereo worth the money or is it too expensive?

"Yes, a Bose stereo system is worth the extra money. Bose manufactures the highest quality stereo equipment and produces the clearest sound. They last for years and are a good investment."

What are some really good quality sound systems?

Bose speakers and sound systems are probably the best one can purchase. Even with the higher cost of a Bose system, the diference in sound quality is very much worth the extra money.

Are BOSE headphones a good investment?

Anything made by Bose is a good investment. Bose in one of the top companies in the sound area. They are always the best of quality, though they can be expensive.

Does Bose make the best music system available?

Honestly, it would depend on an individuals tastes. I have never heard of "Bose", but from what I can gather, the quality and system is quite good to an average person. However, those who are used to higher quality sound systems would most likely NOT be impressed, as it is overpriced and average.

Why is a Bose Wave Radio System one of the best?

The Bose sound systems may cost substantially more than other brands, but they also have some great benefits. The audio quality is clearly better heard than other brands, and it is near perfect quality.

What are the best headsets for high quality sound but almost invisible to be seen?

Bose makes a very good headset with quality sound and components. Bose is the most widely known for their quality of workmanship and sound. They also are reasonably priced for the quality that they carry.

How much will a good new Bose car audio system cost?

For a really good Bose car audio system, you are looking at about $1000. An exceptional sound system will set you back an astonishing $1800. For a more accurate quote, inquire in any Bose outlet store.

Would Bose be a good brand for an ipod dock?

Bose is a great brand for almost any audio accessory that includes speakers. Since a key component of an iPod dock is the quality of speakers, Bose would be a good choice.