How government policy affect small and medium scale enterprises in Zimbabwe?

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-through imposing high taxes
-high interest rates
-indigenization and total empowerment
-privatisation and closure of state companies
-excessive tariffs
-monopolies commission
-high exchange rates
-public-private partnerships
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What are the financial problems facing small scale enterprise development in rural areas?

There are 4.8 million small businesses in the UK (up from 4 million in 2003) . 3.6 million businesses are sole proprietors . 1.3 million are companies of which 747,000 have employees . 444,000 are partnerships . 97 per cent of firms employ less than 20 people . 95 per cent employ less than 5 pe ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of a large scale enterprise?

cThere is no formal definition of the size of a large firm, although it is seen as larger than a medium enterprise, which generally is defined as an enterprise having less than 250 employees.

Small scale enterprises?

A small business is a business that is privately owned and operated, with a small number of employees and relatively low volume of sales. Small businesses are normally privately owned corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships. The legal definition of "small" varies by country and by indu ( Full Answer )

What is medium scale industry?

A medium scale industry employs between 1 to 1,500 persons. Theindustry should earn between $750,000 to $33.5 million to beconsidered a medium scale business.

What is the efforts of banks on small and medium enterprises growth?

I have not found any constructive efforts taken by a financial institution such as a bank to help the small business entrepreneur grow. It is completely up to the business owner to seek their assistance when needed and be prepared to lay your life on the line along with profit and loss statement, ta ( Full Answer )

Characteristics of small-scale enterprises?

A small scale business enterprise is one that employs 6 to 29 employees excluding fixed assets land, building and vehicles with cash not exceeding $ 100,000 we have hundreds of the characteristics of small scale business enterprises and these been categorized. Namely they are labour,sector activitie ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of implementing accounting information systems in small and medium enterprises?

Every company starts with the dream to grow big.This is the same answer for the question why you want your son or daughter to be studied in the best university like harward or IIT.The intension is to provide good steering and to take the small and medium company to the biggest platform available.To ( Full Answer )

Medium scale industry definition?

When a business starts out small and grows steadily by settingaside money for needed equipment, buildings, and additionalemployees, it eventually grows too large to be called a smallbusiness, but hasn't yet grown enough to be called a largebusiness. This type of business is called a medium scale bus ( Full Answer )

Characteristics of medium scale enterprises?

1) its between small scale and large scale enterprise 2) it has 250 workers at maximum 3) annual turnover does not exceed EUR 50 million 4)annual balance-sheet total does not exceed EUR 43 million

How do you analyze a bank loan proposal when looking for credit for a small- to medium-sized enterprise?

At a very high level, one wants to analyze three (3) key components: * The character and reputation of the bank offering the loan (e.g., is the bank solvent, does the bank have any past or current problems, will using the bank help your business beyond that of getting a loan, etc.) * The relati ( Full Answer )

Give the importance of small and medium scale industries?

Small and Medium-scale industries (SMIs) can play an important role in the process of a country's industrial and economic development. In particular, SMIs can make significant contribution to achieve social and economic objectives such as labour absorption, income distribution, rural development, po ( Full Answer )

Types of small scale enterprises in nigeria?

Types of the small scale enterprises in Nigeria include livestockfarming, agro-products exportation, setting up a security companyand inland water transport. Retail shop and supermarkets are theother types of the small scale enterprises.

Environmental factors affecting small scale business?

Environmental factors that affect small businesses includegoverning bodies and competitors. When the government makesregulations it can hurt small businesses trying that are trying tosurvive.

What government is Zimbabwe?

Government: Semi presidential, parliamentary, consociationalist republic For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click under the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.

Contributions of small scale and medium scale enterprises to entrepreneurship?

Contributions of small scale medium scale enterprises are immense in an economy.Specially in rural areas, where the per capita income of the masses is absymally low, these enterprises help in generating employment,thus helping in attaining their livlihood. The garment sector in Bangladesh has made a ( Full Answer )

What are The impact of inventory management on profitability of small scale enterprise?

Inventory management can play an important role in the profitability of a business in a way,,, for example If we hold a lot of inventory that means we spend (outflow of cash) and which can impact of our business profitability and in the same way if we hold a minimum in inventory that means much inf ( Full Answer )

What is the role of small scale enterprise in Indian economy?

la respuesta es que el role de la pequeña empresa en la economia de la India es fabricar un producto alimenticio de bajo costo que todo habitante de la India consuma por sus costumbres esto hara que el ingreso de activos de la empresa luego produzca otros productos de consumo masivo y tradicion ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of medium scale industries?

The meaning of medium scale industries is industries that arein-between large scale and small scale industries. These areaverage industries that have a higher production capacity thatsmall scale industries but lower than large scale industries.

Is there any difference between small and medium scale enterprise?

A small enterprise is smaller than a medium scale enterprise. Usually, that means fewer people work for the company and there may be fewer locations and less net cash flow. It can also mean there is less capitol investment in a small than in a medium enterprise.

What factors affect government policy?

The Constotution should be the government's policy but Pres.Obama ( or should I even call him president) is the one of the factors that effects the policy of the government.

Difference between small and medium enterprise and large scale business?

The defference between small and medium scale enterprise can be seen in three (3) categories.viz. ~Number of employee ~Capital invested ~Asset availability However small scale is a busness enterprise which the minimum employee is 10 and maximum of 300 and which cpital base is 200m excluding ( Full Answer )

How does bookkeeping affect performance of small medium enterprises?

Bookkeeping and Performance If you want to improve performance you have to control. To control the performance you should measure. Those things you can measure , you can control. Book keeping provides financial data to analyse performance and to control. More over for small and medium organisation ( Full Answer )

How does government affect management policies and procedures?

1. Government sets the laws and regulations under which the enterprise must function. Management policies must be consistent with legal requirements. Procedures must be designed and tested to assure that they will produce legal results in a legal manner. 2. Government builds many aspects of infra ( Full Answer )

How does the government policies affect the income?

Well, let's first look at income. To me that's goods and services. At the level of the individual that has to do with the amount of goods and services he or she can produce, and then get paid for in terms of the goods and services he personally wants. In terms of a business the same, it produces goo ( Full Answer )

How did Roosevelt's policies affect the government?

Roosevelt's policies affected the government by this: everybody felt that Roosevelt was not helping all of the young kids in Hungary who were left alone with their parents. Soon, everyone from the MUA (military underground association) felt as though Roosevelt was not helping them keep all of the bu ( Full Answer )