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It depends on the student, the college or university, and the rigor of the specific program of study. In any case, if you have a passion for what you do, you will do well. If you concentrate and do the best that you can do, the grades will take care of themselves, and you will probably do better than cum laude.

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Q: How hard is it to graduate cum laude?
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What honors can you get in college?

At most colleges and universities, students can graduate with Latin honors. Cum laude, Summa cum laude, and Magna cum laude are the honors distinction.

What is AB magna cum laude?

The Graduate degree AB magna cum laude is an honors degree. It is in the area of Arts and Sciences.

Is summa cum laude a higher distinction than valedictorian?

Cum laude means 'with honor', magna cum laude is 'with high honor', and summa cum laude means 'with the greatest honor'. These designations are granted to every graduate who meets a required grade-point average, so several students in a class, or even an entire class, could graduate cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude. The valedictorian is the student with the highest academic rank in the class, so you would expect he would at least be a cum laude graduate. But if you have a class where no one has over a B average, there will still be a valedictorian but he will not be graduated with honors.

Is a summa cum laude honor possible for a bachelor of arts degrees?

Yes it is. I have a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, and graduate summa cum laude.

What is cum laude at Wheaton College?

To graduate with cum laude honors at Wheaton College in Illinois, you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Is cum laude higher than suma cum laude?

Summa cum laude is the highest it means "With highest honor"Magna cum laude means "With great Honor"Cum Laude means "With honor"

If you get a 3.95 GPA your first semester can you graduate summa cum laude?

You can if you keep up those great marks! Whether you qualify for summa cum laude depends on your GPA at the completion of your last semester as you graduate.

What is grade point average for magnum cum laude and summa cum laude?

3.65-3.79 cum laude 3.80-3.89 magnum cum laude 3.90+ summa cum laude

What is it called to graduate with honors in high school?

Summa cum Laude - with "Highest Honors" Magna cum Laude - with "great Honors" Cum Laude - with "Honors"

What percent of students graduate magna cum laude?

top 2 percent typically Considering that Summa Cum Laude is a higher honor than Magna Cum Laude, I beg to differ with your assessment. I don't know the correct answer, but I do know that yours is incorrect.

What is the GPA for Cum Laude for Graduate School?

Dartmouth honors are awarded as follows: summa cum laude - top 5%, magna cum laude - top 15%, cum laude - top 35%. In the past several years, that has required GPAs of approximately 3.9, 3.8 and 3.6, respectively.

Which is higher maxima cum laude or engregia cum laude?

Engregia Cum Laude is the highest honor.