How hard is terbium?

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Terbium is actually pretty soft, but it resists impacts well. My teacher hit a small piece with a hammer and it didn't break, but it did spark.
A knife can scratch terbium easily. So can the coating on a neodymium magnet.
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Is terbium flammable?

The rare earth metal terbium is not a highly flammable substance.But in certain conditions, it could cause explosions if not handledproperly with the right tools and environment factors.

Who discovered the element terbium?

The element terbium was discovered in 1843 by Carl Gustaf Mosander,a chemist living in Sweden. Terbium has the symbol Tb and itsatomic number is 65.

What is hardness?

Hardness is the ability of a mineral to resist scratching. Hardnessis measured on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

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What is Terbium?

Terbium is a chemical element, atomic number 65, chemical symbolTb. It is silvery-white in colour, malleable, ductile, and presentin many minerals, including cerite, gadolinite, and monazite.

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What is a hardness?

Hardness refers to various properties of matter in the solid phase that give it high resistance to various kinds of shape change when force is applied. Hard matter is contrasted with soft matter .

How much does terbium cost?

Terbium is a chemical element which is used in production of mobilephones, laptops, and other electronic items. The average cost per100 grams of terbium is $1800.

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What is Terbium used in?

Terbium is used as a trace impurity in calcium fluoride, calciumtungstate and strontium molybdate. Terbium is used for a stabilizerin fuel cells when the fuel is used at elevated temperatures.

Where to find Terbium in dark orbit?

the red rocks r in 1-2 around the green clownd the blue and gold rocks can b found in 1-3 around the top part of the moon and in 1-4 a little to the left from the left middle portal

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When was terbium discovered?

Terbium was discovered in 1843 by Swedish chemist Carl Gustaf Mosander, who detected it as an impurity in Yttrium oxide, Y2O3, and named after the village Ytterby in Sweden. It was not isolated in pure form until the recent advent of ion exchange techniques.[11]

Is terbium an acid?

An acid is a substance or compound capable of supplying H + ions. Terbium is an an element atomic number 65 and atomic weight 158.925 and therefore devoid of hydrogen and thus not an acid.

Where to find Terbium?

Terbium (Tb) is found in many minerals such as xenotime, euxenite, and gadolinite. See more information at related link listed below:

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What can Terbium be used for?

Terbium is used for: ( according to Wikipedia (en)) Terbium is used to dope calcium fluoride, calcium tungstate and strontium molybdate, materials that are used in solid-state devices, and as a crystal stabilizer of fuel cells which operate at elevated temperatures, together with ZrO2.[2] Terbi ( Full Answer )

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What is pseudo hardness?

pseudo hardness interferes to high concentration of sodium ion which interfers with normal behavior of soap.

What is salt's hardness?

The Mohs hardness of sodium chloride is 2,5. The Mohs hardness is established by comparison with other minerals, having a known hardness.

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Is terbium radioactive?

All terbium ordinarily found in nature is of a single stable isotope. Like all other elements, there are synthetic radioactive isotopes of terbium.

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What are some the common uses of Terbium?

Terbium is used to dope some types of solid-state devices and, along with zirconium dioxide (ZrO 2 ), as a crystal stabilizer in fuel cells that operate at high temperatures.

Where did the word terbium come from?

The names of three particular chemical elements owe their origin to the town of Ytterby, a village in Sweden where they were discovered. The three elements are Erbium Terbium and Ytterbium

What phase of matter is terbium at room temperature?

It would be a solid. Melting Point: 1360.0 °C - 1633.15 °K Boiling Point: 3041.0 °C - 3314.15 °K Average room temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius. So hopefully your room isn't in the center of the Earth.

How many subatomic particles does the element terbium have?

Electrically neutral terbium's atomic number is 65. Therefore, it has 65 protons and 65 electrons. Terbium's only stable isotope is 159 Tb, and thus it has 159 - 65 = 94 neutrons. That brings the total amount of subatomic particles in a terbium atom to 65 + 65 + 94 = 224.

Is terbium poisonous?

Probably. Terbium is known to bind with calcium-binding proteinsthat occur widely in the body and perform hundreds of functions.Lead, cadmium, and manganese poisoning are all linked to this samebinding. Because calcium binding proteins are so common, it isdifficult to predict what the symptoms of su ( Full Answer )

What are the safety precaution of terbium?

The toxicity of terbium has not been investigated in detail. The element has no known biological activity. As on of the lanthanides, terbium and its compounds probably have low to moderate toxicity and should be handled in the laboratory with the care normally given to those materials in general.

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