How has Football changed since it first was played until present day?

Well over time new rules come into play in football. for example the offside rule wasn't used originally. for the first time in around 1992 players could not "pass" the ball back to the goalkeepers they could only header or chest it back to the goalkeeper (if the goalkeeper wishes to pick the ball up). tackles from behind have been totally cracked down on as playes tended to go right though an opponent resulting in a series of leg injuries. the goalkeeper "four step" rule was obolished and they are now free to roam the area with the ball in hand for six seconds. players taking their jersey off after celebrating a goal will be yellow carded now...this was introduced as players revealed messages on a T-shirt under their jersey sometimes political, they are basically all the modern rules that did not used to happen *The goals also used to be just two poles near each other, and to score you just had to get it between them at any height. Then they put in a crossbar (to make it harder to score) and nets (so you know whether it went in or not).