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no they have not

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Q: How has it changed since it was first invented?
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How have bifocals changed since they were first invented?

The bifocals have changed alot since they were first invented. They have changed into different sizes, shapes and forms. They had also changed into sunglasses.:)

How has gymnastics changed since it was first invented?

Nothing's changed

How have cars changed since the first car was invented?


Where were the first bifocal glasses invented when and how were they changed since the first pair?


How has it changed from when it was first invented to the present day?

Hey Whats up do you play Grand theft auto well the tv has changed since it was first invented. It changed from big cube and chunky to flat clear screens

How has the piano changed since first invented?

it grew ears!!!! and it grew a 2 foot long dick

How has the HD television changed since it was invented?

I have

How has a DVD changed since it was invented?

blue ray

Have Webkinz changed from when they were first invented?

yes it has changed a lot

How has softball changed since it has been invented?

well i have no idea

How has bubble gum changed science it was first invented?

What it is made out of has changed.

How much have motorbikes changed since they were first invented?

Yes, for a start they have increased in the cc's which determins how much power a motorbike has also they have changed the designs and parts involved in making and maintaining them.