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It's gone down due to decrease in lobster population, as a result of overfishing.

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Q: How has the catch of lobsters changed over the past 15 years in the state of Maine?
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Maine is supposed to harvest the most lobsters. Most Maine lobsters are caught between June and December. There are around 6,000 licensed lobstermen in Maine. Maine lobstermen catch nearly a million pounds of lobster annually.In Maine, lobster landings totaled 125,953,876 pounds in 2013, the second highest amount since the Department of Marine Resources began keeping records.

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The state that is known for it's lobsters is Maine, so I am guessing that it produces the most lobster. :)

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Yes i live in a town in Maine and we just had our Christmas tree lighting in town and the tree was decorated with lobsters and bouyies that just shows how proud Maine is for its lobsters Yes, it is.

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The state capital of Maine is Augusta. Originally, Portland had been the capital of Maine, but due to its more central location, it was changed to Augusta in 1827.The capital of Maine is Augusta.

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