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the light bulb has changed our lives because with out it the world would be dull

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how did it change our lives

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Q: How has the light bulb changed our lives?
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What were thomas Edison's inventions that changed people's lives?

thomas Edison made the light bulb that is made with the mineral tungsten

When the light bulb is lit electrical energy is changed into light energy and?

When lighting a light bulb, it is changed into light and heat/thermal energy.

How has the light bulb changed the world?

Thomas Edison has changed the world by making the light bulb because............... Maycee Frey

How has the light bulb changed since it was invented?

any where you look you will se a light bulb. This made things able to be done at night for more squezeen of work hours. probably the light bulb invented the night shift also.

How the light bulb changed America?

It gave us light

When a light bulb is lit electrical energy is changed into light energy and what happens?

That means that the bulb looks bright.

Did the light bulb make our lives easier?


When electrical energy is changed to heat and light by a light bulb?

dadadadadadadadaDaddy's home!

How did the light bulb change our lives?

The light bulb changed our lives a lot. If Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb) hadn't invented it, then we would all be stumbling in the dark. And since the time he created it, everybody is using it. Look around. Look in your house, and in your neiborhood houses. And in the schools. Do you see light bulbs? See, if you didn't have the light bulb, you're a step away from a blind mole.actually humphry davy made it , thomas made it better and more useful so he improved it but did not make the real thing :)

How has the light bulb changed your life?

it lets up see

What invention changed the open range forever?

light bulb

Inventions 100s of years that changed the world?

light bulb