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The printing press was an amazingly beneficial device because before it, books were written by hand meaning they would have taken a long time but when the printing press was invented, text could be mass produced.

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Which industries directly benefited from the invention of the printing press?

All industries. With the advent of the printing press came advertising.

How is the internet different to the printing press?

The internet gives us information more rapidly than the printing press and also the internet gives us information around the world whereas the printing press gives us information only in the country.

What country gave us the printing press?


Typewriter or printing press?

Printing Press came out first.

Can you start a sentence with the word gravure printing?

Gravure printing requires a printing press.

Invented the printing press?

The printing press was invented by a man named Johannes Gutenberg. The printing press was invented in the year of 1440.

Was the telephone invented before the printing press?

No Way! The printing press is very old. It was invented by Gutenberg in the mid 1400's. The telephone was patented in the US in 1876.

What year was the printing press invented?

the printing press was invented in 1434

Who invented the printing press?

Printing Press was invented by Johann Gutenberg

Why was the printing press a step forward for printing?

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and the invention of the mechanical movable type printing press helped disseminate knowledge wider and faster than ever before. And Almufeed Printing press LLC is one of the best printing press in Sharjah, Dubai.

When did Johann Gutenberg invent the printing press?

== == He invented the printing press in 1454.

What were three effects of the printing press?

Three effect of the printing press was you and yourself

When did the Printing Press?

The first printing press was made in 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg.

Who idea was it to make the printing press?

Gutenberg of Germany invented the printing press.

What is the plural of printing press?

Printing presses.

Who is W A Lovette?

W. A. Lovette is an African American who invented the advanced printing press. The advanced printing press was a more efficient version of the printing press.

What gave Johannes Gutenberg the idea of the printing press?

His dad printing and selling books so he made a printing press.

German printer who invented printing press?

Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press.

Who invented the printing press in 1445?

The Printing Press was invented by Johann(or Johannes) Gutenberg

Can you put the word printing press in a sentence?

You can put the word printing press in a sentence.

Who is Johann Gutenburg?

Johannes Gutenberg was the inventor of the printing press. This was the machine that allowed books to first be printed. Indeed, it is the forerunner of the modern printing press, which gives us books, magazines, and newspapers.

When did Johannes Gutenberg invent the printing press?

In the late 1440s Johann Gutenberg developed printing by movable type. (Printing using wood blocks and so on was already well known).Note that printing by movable type was already known in Korea.He invented the printing press in 1454.Gutenberg did not invent the printing press, the printing press he used was a modified lithography press that already existed. What he invented was movable type, which greatly sped up the process of setting up the press for printing.

What did the first printing press look like?

The first printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg.

What famous inventor invented the printing press?

In 1436 Gutenburg invented the printing press in Germany.

What was the year when the printing press was invented?

593 A.D the first printing press was invented in China.

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