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There have been a large number of cosmetic improvements, such as; it has changed by it has a cover and a drawer, but the major change was changing from manual power, with a crank of foot pedal to electric power.

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Q: How has the sewing machine changed over the years?
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Why has the sewing machine changed over the years?

it has adapted to modern technology to suit this day age and our needs

How did the sewing machine evolve over time?

it changed over time because they wanted to build other sewing machines

How has the sewing machine developed and changed over time?

this product changed over the years by.being more advanced/upgraded.changing the models up to date.and lastly the electricity and color has a lot more technical advan_TAGES

How has the machine gun changed over the years?

materials, cost,

What is the functions of edging sewing machines?

over edging sewing machine

How has the fax machine changed?

Fax machine's functions and other mechanical features does not change much over the years.

How many meter sewing thread need per inch for over lock machine?

over lock machine

What is the difference between the current sewing machine and the old sewing machine?

Some of the older sewing machines were mechanical machines. The old treadle sewing machines had a foot pedal to propel the sewing machine. As the electrical revolution began, these mechanical sewing machines were replaced with electric models. Over the last 10 to 15 years, the regular electric sewing machines have been replaced with computerized sewing machines that can sew pretty much any pattern or even sew in a picture. One of these new computerized sewing machines is the Necchi 6160. The Husqvarna - Viking Diamond is another computerized sewing machine that does it all.

Maquina de coser wertheim de mas de 90 aร‘os?

Sewing machine "wertheim" over 90 years old.

How has a battery changed over the years?

Batteries have changed very much past the years. They've used them for new things, and they use more of them depending on the machine used.

What has been changed with the sewing machine over the years?

The electricity and color, it has a lot more technical advantages. FOR EXAMPLE: We have a foot peddle that can sew our material by electricity and in the olden days you could only sew by hand.Actually the way it moves quicker and faster has changed and the different patterns you can now make just by the click of a buttonit has changed alot but also there is times where you need to hand stitch sewing machines just make it faster and easier

How old is a Kenmore sewing machine model 117-95 with cabinet?

Kenmore-branded sewing machines have been around for a long time, although sometimes offered sporadically. Since Kenmore is a brand name used by Sears Roebuck--now Sears--to identify the appliances it sells, the manufacturers have varied over the years. For 20 years, from 1938 to 1958, the White Sewing Machine Company produced every Kenmore sewing machine. Since then, Sears has contracted with different manufacturers to make its sewing machines, mostly for economic reasons.

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