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Q: How have Mountain bluebirds adapted to their environment?
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How many species of bluebirds are there?

There are 3 main species of bluebirds. They are called: Eastern bluebirds, mountain bluebirds, and Western bluebirds.

When was Bluebirds over the Mountain created?

Bluebirds over the Mountain was created on 1967-09-29.

Is nocturunal Mountain Bluebirds?

No. Bluebirds are diurnal (daytime) foragers.

How does the environment effect mountain bluebirds?

All animals live in the environment, in a niche of the environment called their habitat. Changes to the environment can destroy a habitat resulting in the species comprising that habitat to die out.

How have mountain plants adapted to their habitat?

They've adapted to the environment because the plant doesn't need that much atention. They've adapted to the environment because the plant doesn't need that much atention.

Where do Mountain bluebirds live?

Mountain bluebirds live in much of the western part of the US and Canada and into central America.The Mountain Blue Bird lives in the mountains.

Are bluebirds endangered or threatened?

None of the North American bluebirds, in the thrush family, are endangered. These are the eastern, western, and mountain bluebirds.

Is a bluebird the same as a Mountain bluebirds?

There are actually three bluebirds - Western, Eastern and Mountain. The Mountain bluebird looks quite a bit different than the other two.

On what album is Bluebirds Over the Mountain by The Beach Boys?

"Bluebirds Over the Mountain" featured on The Beach Boys' 1969 album 20/20.

Where did all the Bluebirds come from?

Some Bluebirds come from their Hushabye Mountain winter nesting grounds.

How big are Mountain bluebirds?


Are mountain bluebirds endangered?

No. The bluebirds were endangered once, but right now they're in the "least concern" list.