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How have humans affected the natural ecosystems?

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Pretty much by doing everything we've done since the beginning of time.

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What is the difference between natural and artificial ecosystems?

artificial ecosystems are not invaded by humans

How are the ecosystems being affected?

they are being affetced mostly by humans and pollution.

What is natural selection affected by?


How have humans adversely affected ecosystems?

deforestation, hunting, recreational activities (leading to littering)

How do human interactions impact a ecosystem?

explain in short answer interactions between humans and natural ecosystems.

Define natural ecosystem?

A natural ecosystem is one that occurs without any outside influences. Humans are the main inhibitors of most natural ecosystems.

What natural disasters can help an ecosystems?

NO natural disasters can help an ecosystems

How do you use a natural ecosystem?

We don't spend a lot of time in natural ecosystems because where ever we are, chances are the biotic and abiotic factors has been changed. They change becuase humans changed it. When humans change the ecosystem it is no longer a natural ecosystem. We use natural ecosystems and turn it into thing's like golf courses, housing area's etc. So basically we are in non natural ecosystems most of the time. But the only time we do use (or are in) a natural ecosystem in when we are in/by a forest, pond (that was naturally made) etc. Hope that helped :)

What is the nonliving resources that humans obtain from ecosystems?

The nonliving resources that humans obtain from ecosystems are called

How do human and natural activities affect the earth and its environment?

Humans and natural activities affect the earth. The environment is also affected.

Waste in natural ecosystems?

What about it?

How have symbiotic relationships affected ecosystems around the world?

how are symbiotic relationships affected

What is the role of humans in ecosystems?

The role of humans in ecosystems is that they have to depend on their ecosystems to provide food for survival and to recycle wast. They also have a role to destroy their environment by polluting the air, land, and water.

What are the disturbances in natural ecosystems?


Do some ecosystems involve humans?

Yes some do involve humans

What role do humans play in the ecosystem?

Humans are the largest polluters in ecosystems.

What is the difference between natural ecosystems and engineered ecosystems?

engineered ecosystems have uniform abiotic featues and low biodiversity while a natural ecosystem is quite the opposite as it has a high biodiversity (many different biotic species) and naturel abiotic factors in simpler words natural ecosystems have no human activity associated with the ecosystem. while engineered ecosystems are ecosystems with human activity involved with them (Ex. pesticides).

Why is protecting natural habitat important?

Protecting natural habitat is important because plants, animals, and people need natural resources for survival. Humans rely on the earth's ecosystems for basic needs such as food, water, and air.

What events can cause ecosystems to change?

What can cause ecosystems to change including natural disasters

What are ecosystems manged by humans called?


What are some animals that are hurting ecosystems?

Humans :)

What would marine bioligists stuy in Antarctica?

Marine biologists helps us to understand the natural variability in marine ecosystems and to detect whether changes that occur are natural or induced by the actions of humans.

How natural ecosystems provide an array of basic processes that affect humans?

C. Treated sewage is less damaging to the environment than untreated sewage

How have animals been affected by global warming?

Animals have had their habitats destroyed, many species have had to relocate into other environments, causing natural shifts in the ecosystems that were previously existing.

Identify two ways in which industrial development has affected ecosystems?

Industrial development has affected ecosystems very negatively. It is a cause of pollution and deforestation along with litter. This all can kill organisms.