How have humans impacted penguins?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Well, going onto the topic of Global Temperature Change, we humans have a large number for our CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions. And those emissions then cause the "greenhouse effect" which is good in some sense since it prevents us from freezing to death by keeping it warm enough.

THEN, warmer climate in bizarre areas, like where the penguins live, causes ice to melt. Penguins can't swim forever. For that I'm pretty darn sure. (Esp. w/ the mating season, the egg might sink. But, then again I don't know the density of an average penguin egg. XD)

THEREFORE, the whole main point is that we are destroying penguin habitats (Well, natural ones that is).


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Q: How have humans impacted penguins?
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