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Q: How have humans impacted the Great Barrier Reef in a positive way?
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What is the enemy of the Great Barrier Reef?


What are some positive impacts on the great barrier reef?


Has a Human impacted on the Great Barrier Reef?

Yes, but mostly in negative ways. We pollute, cause gloabl warming, and over fish.

Is the Great Barrier Reef a cultural site?

The great barrier reef is a natural site, as humans did not influence the creation of it, but early Aborigional people and Torres Strait islanders had cultural connections with it.

What are any non native animals in the great barrier reef?

Humans do lots of bad things to hurt the reef. Mainly humans!

Is it necessary for humans to use the Great Barrier Reef?

no because your taking away animals homes......

How has government impacted the great barrier reef?

The government actually lives in the great Barrier Reef. Amazing Right they place scuba gear on all the octopi and eat nacho cheese with the fish. This is killing all of our unicorns in the world and making kids in china sad

What is the name of great barrier in the world?

Great Barrier Reef

What is the proper name for the Great Barrier Reef?

The proper name for the Great Barrier Reef is simply "Great Barrier Reef".