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How have rules changed in the sport of football?

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the rules of nothing have never changed and will change never until they change or they will never change . nothing will never change but be changed.KEEP READING THIS WILL LEAD TO NOTHING , BUT CAN'T, BUT WILL CHANGE

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What happen that made the sport soccer?

What happened was that at the time it was called football but it was actually played like soccer. When they changed the rules to football (which then made it more like rugby), they kept the old football rules and just called that sport soccer.

When were the rules changed from modern football rules to rugby rules?


What Sport has the Fewest and Most rules?

Football has the fewest rules out of sports. Football = Soccer

What sport has the most rules?


What Five rules of how football is applied?

Football is a sport. It is played, not "applied".

What is Australis natinal sport?

Aussie rules Football ...

Is football a sport?

Yes, football is a sport. Of course it is. It meets all the criteria for a sport: an organized, competitive athletic activity governed by a set of rules.

Which sport has the most rules football or rugby?

Rugby is goverened by Laws not Rules Steve

What sport do they play australia?

Australian Rules Football (AFL), football, rugby, cricket

What sport does Matthew Pavlich play?

Australian rules football

Which sport has goals of different sizes?

Aussie Rules Football

What is Australia's native sport?

They have cricket and Australian rules football

What sport has the most players on the field?

Australian Rules Football

Which sport is played by the Collingwood Magpies?

AFL, or Australian Football League - Football (Australian Rules)

Who is invented football?

Walter Camp was the man that invented the great sport of football. He made the rules official back in 1879. Football is the most popular sport in the world.

What north American field sport has the most rules?

American football

How old is the sport of football?

English invented official rules in 1863

Most popular sport in Aussie?

The most popular sport in Australia is AFL (Aussie Rules Football)

What is the national sport of austrillia?

Football (soccer) is the national sport, but the national sport in terms of spectator popularity is almost certainly Cricket, followed by Australian Rules Football, and then Rugby League.

How are rules enforced?

it depends on the sport. football rules are enforced by penaltys and yards. basketball rules are enforced by fouls and foul shots.

How football envolved into modern football?

Football evolved from rugby. The founders changed the rules around alittle and ta da! Football!

Why was basketball invetnted?

A gym teacher was supposed to create a sport that football players were supposed to play during the off season. This game was then created and rules have changed many times.

What is Australia's main sport?

Australia's main sport is cricket, followed by AFL - Australian Rules football (not soccer).

What sport did Australia invent?

The football code of Australian Rules was invented in Australia.

What is a difference between German and Australian sport?

In both country's they have football, but in Australia, they have Australian rules football, and in Germany, they have Association football. That is an example.